Camille Kostek Talks Mental Health, Dream Hosting Gig & What to Expect on ‘Wipeout’!

Model, host, and multi-hyphenate success Camille Kostek dished on this season of ‘Wipeout’, her quarantine experience, and shared her advice on following your dreams, prioritizing your mental health, and more with AfterBuzz TV!

Camille Kostek is living the dream. As a former New England Patriots cheerleader, NESN, ESPN host, Sports Illustrated model, and more, she’s now adding another accolade to her impressive resume: host of the hit TV show Wipeout!

She’s joining hosts John Cena and Nicole Byer for a reboot of the show on TBS, which originally ran for seven years on ABC before ending in 2014.

As Kostek continues to build her empire, she shared with AfterBuzz TV what to expect on this season of Wipeout, her tips for maintaining mental health and self-care, and how you can confidently chase your dreams just like her.

What are you most excited for people to see this season of Wipeout?

I am most excited for everyone watching to giggle at home and have as much fun watching as we did while filming!

When did you film this season?

The end of October, and the month of November and December!

What was the preparation process like from when you got the hosting job to filming?

I grew up watching the show so I was familiar with the light-heartedness, and playful personalities the hosts brought to the show and knew I could fit right in! I spent a lot of time watching past seasons learning and listening to how Jill Wagner took on the sideline host position I would be walking into. I really got to be myself when interviewing the contestants to learn about them and help to tell their stories while reacting naturally to their run on the courses.

What’s your favorite part of hosting the show?

Just like the viewers, I love watching them take on the course. I get a front-row seat to all of the action. I especially love watching the teams compete in the Gauntlet and then getting to be the messenger to let them know they are one step closer to winning it all! The celebratory moments I share with them following that news is always so special and full of joy! I have even cried a little!

If you and your Wipeout co-hosts were to compete on the show, who would win and why?

I’m giving this one to John because I believe he will tackle the course the same way he tackles people in the wrestling ring and take it down!

Do you have any other dream hosting jobs?

I have always said that if Chrissy Teigen ever needed a fill-in to dance and host behind the DJ booth on Lip Sync Battle that I would be happy to step in and the same goes for Erin Andrews, now Tyra Banks on Dancing with the Stars. I love hosting in environments full of fun, especially sets that have dancing involved!

We’re starting to see more representation and calls for representation in modeling with publications like Vogue featuring models with adult acne. What is your hope for the future of representation in the modeling industry?

I hope that all walks of life will be able to live in a world surrounded by advertisements, magazines, billboards, commercials, and all where they see themselves represented. We are all beautiful in unique, individual ways that are meant to be celebrated.

We’re officially at one year of quarantine; what has been the silver lining of quarantine for you?

The forced pause of travel in my career allowed me to take time to reflect and go inward. I didn’t realize how badly I needed time to reset, recenter, and get even more motivated about all that I do. Connecting with nature on hikes, journaling more, meditating, preparing healthy meals each day to heighten my health and immunity. I also loved taking time to reach out to people close to me, or to my audience through my social platforms to connect and raise one another’s vibrations during those times.

You’ve been a vocal advocate for mental health and wellness. What has taking care of your mental health and practicing self-care looked like in the past year for you? Any tips for others?

Taking care of yourself ultimately leads to being a better individual to take care of others. In order to get myself in a place to be there for others, I had to constantly check in with myself mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I did this by writing out my thoughts whether that be my fears, anything that made me anxious, and just getting it out of my head and onto paper. I journal daily affirmations, things I am grateful for, my goals and manifestations. Hot salt baths with a natural lavender candle is another one of my favorite things to do to unwind and get me in a state of relaxation. Sometimes I’ll read a book in the bath or just close my eyes while listening to meditative music, or cleansing frequencies. Walks in nature, or barefoot walks in the yard with your feet in the grass and deep breaths of fresh air go a long way for me with self-care and a mental reset.

You recently said Erin Andrews is a role model for you because she has the best of both worlds both having danced and then hosted Dancing with the Stars. What would you say to someone who might be discouraged after being told they can’t do it all and just have to pick one career lane?

I would say screw them, GO FOR IT. You know best, you know what lights your soul on fire, how you want to fulfill your one life so live it up and chase those dreams, ALL of them!

You made an Instagram post in the past year saying “Waiting for perfection is not an answer.” You’ve had such a broad and successful career at a young age–do you have any advice for other young women on how to gain the confidence to go after their dreams?

You have that passion deep in your soul for a reason, it is meant to be explored and lived out so believe in that! Believing in yourself is the greatest first step before applying the work and journey you will then take yourself on to accomplish it all. Know that challenges, struggles, the rejection is all a part of building character and chapters to success. If it were easy, then everyone would be doing it.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Yes, SMILE and tell yourself something you love about yourself today! Have a great day! You are loved and you are worth it!

You can watch Kostek and her co-hosts every Thursday at 9 pm EST on TBS.

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