Bus Tour Brings Customers to Rodman’s Brewery, Adam Almost Kills the Buzz – S1 E3 & E4 ‘Brews Brothers’ Recap & Review

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Bring making and running a brewery couldn’t be easier for Wilhelm and Adam… or could it? Join the shenanigans on Brews Brothers on netflix, and join us every episode as we break them down! On the BREWS BROTHERS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTERSHOW, we’re discussing each and every episode alongside special segments, news and gossip, and more! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode 3

LA Beer Hop tour bus makes a stop at Rodman’s Brewery thanks to Sarah. Adam try’s to educate customers on beer, Will makes it more interesting. Will and Sarah ask owners of Carnal a favor. The tour bus goes missing and Will uses it as an opportunity to get repeating customers.

Episode 4

Monk Monday turns into chaos, what happened to Friar Lucas

Adam brews a tasty, but pricey beer that the team loves. Will’s monk brothers come to visit to deliver a special ingredient. Friar Lucas goes to the groomer. Sarah taps into her MMA fighting skills to stop a fight.

  • Todays show was hosted by Allyssa Dickert, Loren Kling, and Eric Jewell.
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