BTS: Break the Silence S1 E5 & E6 Recap & After Show: Ordinary to Others, Special to Me & We Can’t Predict The Future

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It’s always a good time for BTS! on our BTS: BREAK THE SILENCE AFTER SHOW our hosts will break down everything surrounding this 7 part docu-series. From the docu-series in 2018 with the Love Yourself tour till the end. Bringing you the latest news and gossip as well!

Episode 5
Ordinary to Others, Special to Me
We open the episode to Jin’s smiling face on his epic trip to Six Flags on an off day during the Speak Yourself Stadium Tour. We also see RM searching for new art and J-Hope exploring. During Suga’s day off, he opens up about how he’s envious of those that do ordinary activities, including some of the members. When the Brazil shows start, we watch Jimin deal with being unable to sing. The members and Army held him up, making him cry tears of gratitude instead of sadness.
Episode 6
We Can’t Predict The Future
BTS has made it to Wembley Stadium. As they round out the overseas portion of the tour, we’re reminded of even more huge accomplishments they made in 2019. As they sit down for a group dinner, they talk about the past, present and future. They each shared how they couldn’t have done it without each other, how lucky they are to be together and how they will have no regrets no matter what the future holds. We end the episode at the Osaka concert with the rap line performing “Tear”. Suga shares that he wrote the song for the members and when they all first heard it, they shed tears together at the meaning behind it.
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