BTS: Break the Silence S1 E3 & E4 Recap & After Show: The Show Must Go On & Speak Yourself Even In The Rain

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It’s always a good time for BTS! on our BTS: BREAK THE SILENCE AFTER SHOW our hosts will break down everything surrounding this 7 part docu-series. From the docu-series in 2018 with the Love Yourself tour till the end. Bringing you the latest news and gossip as well!

Episode 3: The Show Must Go On

We started off this episode ending the Love Yourself tour in Thailand. They had a scare with a stage malfunction, which was handled swiftly by all of the staff and the guys. Whew. We got another sneak peak of the final process of Jimin and V’s solo tracks. The guys also opened up about their lives as idols trying to live in the real world. We saw J-Hope and Jimin hit the streets to buy an iPad and it was the more difficult than you would ever think it would be. J-Hope opened up about his worries regarding paparazzi while Jin told us about how difficult his dual life can be.
Episode 4: Speak Yourself Even In The Rain
The Speak Yourself Stadium tour kicks off at The Rose Bowl in Los Angeles. The guys came directly off of their promotions and we get an inside look on the short period of time they have to prepare for their stages. All of it was worth it for them to experience the 50,000 fans in the packed stadium. When they headed to Chicago, they had another first time experience with rain at an outdoor venue. As always, the guys put safety first and still had on an incredible show. When speaking about what the message to their music is, they each had different answers. What they all can agree upon is that they’re not doing it for the numbers or fame but to feel good about the music and the messages they put out.
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