BTS: Break the Silence S1 E1 & E2 Recap & After Show: Pace Yourself; BTS is 7 in 1

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It’s always a good time for BTS! on our BTS: BREAK THE SILENCE AFTER SHOW our hosts will break down everything surrounding this 7 part docu-series. From the docu-series in 2018 with the Love Yourself tour till the end. Bringing you the latest news and gossip as well!

Episode 1

We started the docu-series in 2018 with the Love Yourself tour. We got to hear about how they felt playing bigger stadiums for the first time. To many of them, 2018 was their best year because of group and individual accomplishments. On the other hand, we got to relive their hardships through their iconic MAMA speech reminding us that times are not always easy for the guys, but they persevere through it together. They shared that the key to staying together forever is the trust and respect they have for one another.
Episode 2
We got a behind the scenes look on how they guys go about the format of their concerts. It’s important for the guys to have a consistent show to make sure all ARMYs are getting the same performances. They go all out every show and JK showed that overdoing it could exhaust you quicker than you’re expecting. Thankfully, the guys always want to make sure everyone is doing well because if one of them hurts, they all hurt. J-Hope gave JK some big bro pro advice to pace himself in order to stay healthy. We also got a sneak peak of Jimin and V’s individual writing sessions for their solo tracks.
  • Hosted by Trina Dong, and Veronica Valencia

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