Broadway Will Remained Closed Through May 30th, 2021

The show will go on, but not as soon as we hoped.

Broadway announced on Friday October 9th that the shows will now remain closed through at least May 30th, 2020. Before this announcement Broadway was set to return on January 3rd, 20201. Refunds and exchanges will be given for already purchased tickets, but it will be up to the individual shows when they decide to return after that date. However, it is being reassured that they want to come back, but need to wait until the pandemic allows them to return.

“With nearly 97,000 workers who rely on Broadway for their livelihood and an annual economic impact of $14.8 billion to the city, our membership is committed to re-opening as soon as conditions permit us to do so. We are working tirelessly with multiple partners on sustaining the industry once we raise our curtains again,” said Charlotte St. Martin, President of the Broadway League.

With this news comes the heartbreaking knowledge that many performers and workers, who have already been struggling, will now be out of a job even longer. There may be some options though to be able to get people back to work and still give fans amazing performances, without worrying about packed houses.

Another option would be to do outdoor performances.

With the success of Hamilton on Disney+, one option would be to record and stream more shows. They would tape the show without having an audience under the guidelines that Hollywood is currently using to film movies and television.

The could also do more of a concert experience as well. Broadway has already done a makeshift performance of Sunday in the Park with George. On the same day the closure extension was announced, performers, including Broadway alums Bernadette Peters and Norm Lewis congregated in time square to sing.

Although with winter being upon us, the outdoor option may not be viable much longer.

The Tony awards are still set to be held virtually, but no date has been announced yet, but nominations will be announced on October 15th.

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