Bowling For Hope – S7 E11 ‘Bar Rescue’ Recap & Review

Whether you’re a bar owner, Jon Taffer enthusiast or just love Bar Rescue then you’ve come to the right series. On the BAR RESCUE AFTER SHOW our hosts analyze each of Taffer’s rescues (regardless of whether or not he shuts it down or not). We help reinforce and clarify Taffer’s takeaways, answer looming questions, debate whether or the bars showcased succeed or nosedive and so much more.

Things got EMOTIONAL on today’s Bar Rescue! A broken family was brought together by Jobs incredible empathy, but only after a tirade about who is the biggest asshole! Of course a family wasn’t the only thing that needed rescuing, and Jon stepped in to save the Lucky 66 Bowling Alley as well. Will Anthony Lamas’ grease-free quesadillas save the day?
Keven Undergaro and Jeff Graham answer all of those questions on the Bar Rescue Aftershow!

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