Born This Way S:4 | One Small Step; Joyride E:5 & E:6 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

We are now one step closer to the #BornThisWay wedding of the season! Hosts Joseph Shepherd, Carlina Will, and Steph Sabraw are discussing all things season 4 episodes 5 and 6 including Megan ignoring her mom’s calls, Rachel’s first uber ride, John and Steven getting one step closer to a driver’s license, and Rocco’s first bus rides! You are in for a treat!

We’re here at AfterBuzz TV covering the heart-warming documentary series Born This Way! Join us as we follow and discuss the stories of all the inspirational members of the show week to week on the BORN THIS WAY AFTER SHOW as we discuss the hardships, successes, and life of the cast! Subscribe for weekly episode discussions, interviews with members of the cast, and insider news and gossip straight from the source!


Honesty, humour and heart are at the centre of this original documentary series, which highlights the outgoing personalities and amazing abilities of seven young adults born with Down syndrome. Hourlong episodes follow the Southern California residents as they pursue passions and dreams, explore friendships and romantic relationships, and generally defy society’s expectations. The series also allows the parents to talk about the joy their children bring to their family, and the challenges they face in helping them live as independently as possible. The cast includes avid sportsman and self-professed ladies’ man Sean; entertainer John; school employee Cristina; and budding entrepreneur Megan.

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