Boardwalk Empire S:1 | Paris Green E:11 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Boardwalk Empire edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. In this show, host Paul Ashton breaks down the penultimate  episode “Paris Green” in which Nucky has emotionally charged conversations with both Margaret and Eli over his business and the killing of Margaret’s husband, leading to dramatic shake-ups in his personal and political lives. Jimmy meets with his dying father for the first time in years, and in the process reevaluates his relationships with Nucky and both his parents. Van Alden and Agent Sebso’s working relationship is pushed to the limit by Van Alden’s suspicions, ending after a definitive confrontation at a river baptism. Angela prepares to flee from Jimmy to Paris, but learns her support system is not as strong as she believed. There to help Paul are co-hosts Phil Svitek , Keven “Kwow” Undergaro, and Bethany Geaber. In the special segment, they discuss the comparisons of the show’s era to the 1990s “Bling Era”. It’s Boardwalk Empire’s “Paris Green” episode!

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