Boardwalk Empire S:1 | Ivory Tower E:2 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Boardwalk Empire edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. In this show, host Paul Ashton breaks down the “Ivory Tower” episode in which Nucky is paid a visit by straight-arrow Agent Nelson Van Alden, who feels that Nucky has pinned a crime on a scapegoat. After using his recent windfall to buy presents for his wife Angela and mother Gillian, Jimmy is forced to pay Nucky a larger sum of money. Margaret is visited by both Van Alden and Nucky’s brother, Sheriff Elias Thompson, each seeking a different side of her story as to the death of her husband. After the funeral of James “Big Jim” Colosimo, Chicago gangster Al Capone has a violent encounter with an inquisitive reporter. Nucky contemplates the upcoming election with his aging mentor, Louis “the Commodore” Kaestner. There to help Paul are co-hosts Trilby Glover, Phil Svitek, and guest Gian Molina. In the special segment, they discuss the differences from the pilot episode to the second. It’s Boardwalk Empire’s “Ivory Tower” episode!

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