Blood Vessel Season 1 Episode 2 ‘Dracula’ Review & Recap

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Transylvania lives again with Netflix and BBC One’s short series DRACULA, where we follow a new version of the old tale of a blood-drinking Count. Here on the AFTERBUZZ TV DRACULA AFTERSHOW PODCAST, we promise not to suck your blood, but we will be breaking down every minute of the short series, with some juicy news and gossip. Stay tuned!

Episode Recap

Dracula sets sail for the new world. But, before he does, he makes sure the ship is filled with his choice of delectable humans. All are unassuming and intrigued by the tall, dark, mystery man who seems to know the deepest desire of all. Ther survival depends on Sister Agatha, who is lost in a dream world and must escape by playing the game. When she awakes, she finds she is no longer playing the game on her terms. She has must face becoming what she hates, while fighting the ultimate chess master.
  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted by: Jackie Rae, Emily Mae and Adrian Snow

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