“Blocking” Season 1 Episode 4 ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” Review

Hosts Leslie Colon @lesliecolon_ , Chae’ Jones @realchaejones and Jeff Williams @jeffwilljr break down all of the drama that happened on this episode including Ricky’s parents separation, the kiss that almost happened and EJ’s plan to take Gina to homecoming! Stay tuned!

What time is it? High School Musical Time! Disney+ finally brings us back to East High School, where a new group of students embark on a production of High School Musical, led by a background actor from the original series. As high school usually is, there’s romance, friendships, breakups, and drama that can only come from musical theater. Join us for THE AFTERBUZZ TV HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC: THE MUSIC: THE SERIES AFTER SHOW PODCAST, where our panel of superfan hosts breakdown the new series from Disney+.

About High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: At a fictionalized version of East High School in Salt Lake CityUtah, where the High School Musical movies were filmed, a former background cast member, Miss Jenn begins work as the new drama teacher. The teacher decides to stage a performance of High School Musical: The Musical for her first winter theater production, to celebrate the school’s affiliation with the original film.[2][3]