Blessings and Curses Reborn Season 3 Episode 10 ‘Black Lightning’ Recap & Review

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The Black Lightning AfterBuzz TV After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of CW’s Black Lightning. Every week, join our hosts for plot discussion, character breakdowns, and predictions on the future episodes of the show.

Episode Recap

Our Beloved Black Lightening is back from his trip to the alternate universe where he fought in the Infinity Crisis alongside Flash, Superman, and many others. Now that him and Jen are back on earth they are still going head to head with Odell and the ASA. Jen has made it her personal mission to kill Odell, only Odell manages to capture Jen as she is rescuing Brandon from unintentionally creating earthquakes. Lynn’s secret is finally out as Jen and Jeff both catch her fiending for Greenlight, which eventually leads to her pack her belongings and leave the Pearce family household. Blackbird and Black Lightning sucessfully lead another group to freedom from the ASA with the help of Henderson and the Freeland police. Jennifer and Brandon break free from the ASA and as Jen goes to kill Odell she realizes it was a hologram version of him and her with “This isn’t over young lady.”
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