Blend On Main Season 3 Episode 2 ‘24 Hours to Hell and Back’ Recap & Review

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Gordon Ramsay is BACK! And we’re going to hell to meet him! Will we be back?! Let’s find out! On the GORDAN RAMSAY’S TO HELL AND BACK AFTERBUZZ TV AFTERSHOW, we’re breaking down every dish, every challenge, every contestant, and more in the gripping new season of the show! Tune in weekly for exclusive insider info, opinions on the episodes, and more! Hit that subscribe button and leave a comment for a shout out on the show!

Episode Recap

Blend on Main is in trouble and only Gordon can help! Chef/owner Lou is abusive to staff, his wife, and is unsanitary, to put it mildly. His staff knows they could do better without him. Gordon identifies that fixing the business begins with Lou from inside – his rough upbringing is affecting both his and his employees’ lives. Gordon goes straight to work helping the other chefs in the kitchen learn the new menu and step up – they have amazing ability but Lou hasn’t let them shine until now. Next Gordon connects with Lou’s wife Tara to learn more about their family life. Gordon shows Lou a video of his kids who miss him. Then Gordon cooks a halibut dish and challenges Lou to cook one as well but surprise – the staff is cooking not Gordon! Renovation is done and it’s time for the re-launch, but Lou can’t expedite politely. Gordon pep talks him and Lou straightens out. People love the food! And the kiddos come in for a visit to round out the night.
  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Xia Andersen, Mike Thieling, Saba Hailemariam

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