Black Monday S:1 243 E:5 Review

For this show, hosts Lem Gonsalves, Angele Taylor and Kittie Kaboom break down the entire episode really “slim fast”. In this episode, Dawn tries to go behind Mo’s back and it backfires. Blair ends up with “shredder” duty and Tiff is so upset with him. The Leighman brothers capitalize on Dawn’s “talking too much” and get that 30%. And also they had the best (not really) sexual harassment training ever! Tune in!

It’s 1987 and Wall Street’s about to get interesting.

Join us through the hi-jinx driven, time-period comedy Black Monday on the BLACK MONDAY AFTERBUZZ TV AFTERSHOW! We’re breaking down the episodes every. Single. Week. From 365, All the way to 1. With special guests, insider news, and opinionated predictions, we have everything you could need! Subscribe and Comment to stay up to date with all things Black Monday!

A group of outsiders crashes the old-boys’ club of Wall Street and accidentally crashes the world’s largest financial system on October 19,1987.

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