Biggest Moments From ‘RHOP’ Episode 12

The women of ‘The Real Housewives Of Potomac’ gave us a look inside their personal lives during Sunday night’s episode. Here’s the biggest moments!

This season of the Real Housewives Of Potomac gets better and better each episode. Big things keep happening so let’s get into it and break everything down!

Before I list the top moments, can I just say I am absolutely living for Robyn this season! Seeing her being carefree, trying to dance to the cheerleaders routine at the beginning of the episode was literally everything! Okay now back to the list!

Karen & Ray

Karen and Ray have put everything out in the open during this season. We’ve been seeing them go through some tough times lately and they are not hiding it! During the episode, she and Ray took a walk and talked about their feelings towards what’s been happening in their marriage.

Karen said she’s not the same woman that she was when she married Ray. She wanted to know now that she has her own business and platform if Ray felt that was intimidating. He said that he doesn’t get attention and feels like fame and fortune went to her head.

Karen was adamant she’ll always remember her roots and that it hasn’t gone to her head. She said she wants their marriage to work. I love Karen and Ray! It was nice to see them just get some of their feelings out to each other and I hope we see them get back to their happy place soon.

Ashley Sits With Her Uncle & Mom

Towards the beginning of the episode, we saw Ashley and Michael sit down with a therapist to talk about their issues. Later on, Ashley visits her uncle who according to her has always been like a father.

He said that he was super upset seeing the news about Michael’s latest disrespect, insisting that Michael knew what he was doing and needed to put his family first.

Ashley assured her uncle that if Michael does anything else, that she’ll definitely leave him. Her uncle ended the scene by saying that he wants to meet with Michael.

Wendy’s Ceremony

Okay, this was definitely the cutest moment of the night!! Wendy, her family, and the cast gathered for a traditional Nigerian ceremony where they welcomed her newborn daughter. They eat, dance, and shower her with money.

Wendy also did a speech in which she said she wanted to make sure her daughter was surrounded by women that they wanted her to embody and gave sweet shoutouts to her mom and sister.

Sadly, Wendy’s husband has been estranged from his side of the family but decided to extend an olive branch by inviting them. Unfortunately they didn’t show up, which was sad to see.

Monique Is Charged

Monique and Candiace’s fight has been a big part of the show ever since it happened. Last episode, we saw Candiace considering pressing charges but this episode, she officially did.

She got into it a little bit at Wendy’s ceremony. Monique is being charged with 2nd degree assault and Gizelle said it could cause between a 5 to 12 year prison sentence. The ladies think it’s a bit much and said they don’t want to see Monique go to jail but Candiace doesn’t agree.

She and Ashley went back and forth with each other and ultimately Candiace doesn’t feel like she or Karen can acknowledge that Monique was wrong.

As you can see, the Real Housewives Of Potomac is not a franchise you wanna miss! New episodes air every Sunday night at 9pm.

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