‘Big Brother’s’ Brittany Wants to Know Why Michael Threw Her Game Under the Bus!

Brittany is revealing what she wants to say to Michael in jury and more in her interview with AfterBuzz TV.

One of Big Brother’s strongest duos of the season is officially out! Following shortly after Michael, Brittany Hoopes was evicted in Thursday night’s live vote, leaving Taylor, Turner, and Monte to battle it out in the final Head of Household competition.

Brittany is revealing what she wants to say to Michael in jury and more in her interview below: 

AFTERBUZZ: What do you think the game would look like now if the split house week hadn’t happened and Terrance wasn’t HOH?

BRITTANY: Ooh, that is a good question. Man, if the split house wouldn’t have happened and Terrance wasn’t HOH, I would like to think that it would’ve been a final seven with all Leftovers, and things just would’ve shook out from there. Who knows? I know there were lots of talks percolating in terms of who would take the first shot against another Leftover first, so I would like to think that that’s what would’ve happened, but I guess we’ll never know.

AFTERBUZZ: Who do you wish you could have worked with in the house?

BRITTANY: I was very fortunate to get to work with an amazing alliance like The Leftovers and great friends like Michael and Taylor. I have no regrets. I love who I got to work with in this house and I would pick them again and again.

AFTERBUZZ: You previously stated that some of the moves you made were for both you and Michael. In terms of gameplay, do you regret playing so closely with him?

BRITTANY: No, I absolutely don’t regret playing so closely with Michael. To be human in this house for three months, you have to trust someone, you have to create relationships, and open up and share yourself with other people. So I’ll never regret opening up to Michael. I’ll never regret trusting Michael. I do have questions for him and how he decided to use that as part of his gameplay when that felt very personal to me, but I’ll never regret it.

AFTERBUZZ: Of your relationships with all your fellow house guests, which relationship do you think needs the most repairing after the game is over? 

BRITTANY: Let’s just say I have some questions for Michael; just wanting to understand kind of where his mind was at, why he felt that it would help him stay in this house by kind of throwing me and our game under the bus since he was privy to many of those conversations that I had with other house guests to try to get information to propel both of us forward. Since he was aware of that kind of social strategy that I had, it felt difficult to hear him use it against me on his way out. I’d like to just understand his perspective and I’m really, really hoping once we have that conversation, we can be lifelong friends.

AFTERBUZZ: A few of the house guests expressed that the decisions you and Michael made to wait to reveal Kyle’s Cookout 2.0 theory was convenient timing for you both and was used as game strategy. What conversations do you feel you need to have in jury and after the game to resolve this situation? 

BRITTANY: You know, I’ve been very fortunate to be able to have those conversations in the house with Kyle and with the other house guests. We all came together as a house and had a heart-to-heart and really understood kind of what happened. So I feel like I’ve had those conversations and any conversations I need to continue to have with them, I most definitely will.

To find out who wins it all, tune into Big Brother’s finale Sunday on CBS, and watch the live feeds everyday on Paramount+.

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