‘Big Brother’ 24: Indy Looks Back At Her Time In The Big Brother House!

Indy Santos is opening up about her Big Brother experience including her relationship with Taylor, and her biggest regrets while playing the game. 

It’s getting intense on Big Brother 24 and the numbers continue to dwindle down,  During the latest episode “The Leftovers” Alliance was still a dominant force voting out Indy who ha snow become the first jury member for this season.

In An exclusive interview, Indy talked with AfterBuzz TV  bout her time in the house, her relationship with Taylor, and her biggest regrets. 

Do you feel that anyone in the house was mistreated and do you feel like you contributed to it in any way? 

“I felt that Taylor was mistreated but I don’t believe I was part of that. When you are in an environment 24/7 where everyone is saying one thing it is really hard to go in a different way, I was never against Taylor, and I didn’t like the way Daniel or Nicole were acting towards her. Every time I felt like I had something to tell her or anyone in the house I was pretty good at talking with the person instead of saying things behind their back. Me and Taylor talked so much about everything and her feedback was always, I love you because you are honest to me and never lied to me. I felt that she was mistreated, I was on slop when that happened and that’s not an excuse, but when you are on slop the only thing you can think about is food. I was so hungry, frustrated, and sad, so I couldn’t really stand up for Taylor. At that moment  I wish I was more present to defend Taylor when people were screaming at her or defending Paloma. I think I did the best at the moment based on my situation.”

It seemed like you didn’t like Taylor, why was that, and do you wish you would have approached the relationship differently? 

“That was never a thing, I never said I didn’t like Taylor. We didn’t really connect during the first week. Living in a house with a group of other people 24/7, it’s hard to connect with everyone. We didn’t connect at first, but  I gave myself an opportunity to get to know her, and I gave her an opportunity to get to know me so it was a lot going on. I really think we were both put in the house together to become good friends, and I hope that we have that. We had a really good week together, we finally got closer, and I finally could see a little more about who she is and how loving she is, and her love and respect for me.”

Are there any actions that you regret or would do differently if given a second chance? 

“I regret not giving Taylor and Michael the opportunity to be closer to me during the first week, and I regret that I got into an alliance with Kyle. Those are the only things I regret in the game.”

Do you think the” Girls-Girls” alliance would have been more effective if all the girls were included 

“1000 percent for sure. I don’t like excluding people I always try to include them. I think that we mistreated Taylor and we literally should have included her in the girls-girls alliance.  I think my game would be that much better if I was playing with Taylor.”

Who do you think will be in the final 3?

“I think Jasmine, Taylor, and Michael.”

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