Big Brains, Big Sinkhole, Big Lessons – S1 E3 & E4 ‘The Big Show Show’ Recap & Review

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Its THE BIGGGGGGG SHOWWWWWWW….. SHOW….. And we’re READY for it! Join us every week as we discuss the latest sitcom starring WWE Superstar The Big Show! On The AFTERBUZZ TV THE BIG SHOW SHOW AFTER SHOW PODCAST we’re breaking down each and every episode of the show from the plots to the characters and even insider information! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

Turns out little JJ may be a lot smarter than she is leading on. We all knew she was witty, but a genius?! When her teacher comes by the house and tells Big Show and Cassy that JJ should be in the accelerated program they are almost as shocked as she is. JJ isn’t super thrilled about the news either, but Big Show convinces her to go check out the class with him and they run into all sorts of hilarious problems.

Meanwhile there is trouble a-brewin’ with Mandy and her campaign for Student Body President. She thought she was running unopposed, but now the cool guy in class is running against her.

Cassy and Lola are also running into their own set of issues while the two try and bond, but not the issues that you would expect.

In episode 4, Lola and Big Show get competitive in the kitchen, while JJ goes to work with mom. Mandy is still struggling with her campaign and her new running mate. Things start to get sticky when both sides decide to play dirty. But, in this episode everyone learns some valuable lessons, even though they might not be the ones they were expecting to learn.

  • This show was hosted by Leslie Colon @lesliecolon_ , Emily Mae @emilymaeheller, Kelsey Meyer @kelsmeyer2 and Bryant Santos @thebryantsantos

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