Betrayer Moon Season 1 Episode 3 ‘The Witcher’ Review & Recap

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Toss a coin to your Witcher! We’re here discussing each episode of Netflix’s phenomenal WITCHER series! On the AFTERBUZZ TV THE WITCHER AFTER SHOW PODCAST, we’re breaking down some deets from the books and the video games as they apply to the tv series as well as deep-diving on character and plot development! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

Gerald meets Jaskier who is inviting him to a ball of Cintra where he meets queen Calanthe and princess Pavetta which is being held to find the princess a husband. When queen Calanthe revealed that she already decided that her daughter gets married to Crack an Crait, Lord of Urcheon, Duny, a knight with a herad of hedgedog appears claiming the place for himself. Princess Pavetta is more than happy to see him, as they already had a love affair for a while. When her mother tries to set them apart princess Pavetta shows her hidden magic/superpower destroying the whole ballroom in saving her loved one. Duny is taking use of his law of surprise as he saved Pavetta’s father in the past. As now Geralt is saving the Duny from being killed, he ironically receiving a law of surprise from Duny which turns out to be the unborn child of princess Pavetta. In the meantime we see Pavetta’s daughter Cirilla daughter going into the Brokilon Forest meeting the tribe of the Forrest and meet Yeenefer 30 years after we last saw her serving a princess and her child and get introduced to her superpowers of jumping between different worlds.
  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Rachel Goodman, Benjamin Schnau, Olivia Debortoli, and Katie Kawamoto discuss The Witcher season 1, episode 3.
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