Betray Me Twice – S1 E16 ‘Batwoman’ Recap & Review

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Batman is GONE, Gotham is in SHAMBLES, and there’s only one person who can put it back together, and of COURSE it’s a woman— BATWOMAN! Join us for the BATWOMAN AFTERBUZZTV AFTERSHOW, where we’re gonna break down every episode following Kate Kane’s breakdown of Gotham’s crime scene. Join us for weekly segments, discussion, and more! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date on all things nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana BAT WOMAN!

Episode Recap

This episode picks up where episode 15 ended with Kate Kane having to deal killing a man. Alice is quick to be excited that Kate is more like her now. They bond together to help get Mouse out from Arkham after Commander Kane and his men intercept Kate and Alice trying to catch him before they can.
Kate agreed to help Alice only if they do it her way, of not killing anyone. As their mission goes forth, however, Kate makes a decision that will once again alter her relationship with Alice.
Meanwhile, the trial for Luke’s Father’s death is pushed forward and he must attend it, only to see the suspect of the crime released. He confronts the killer afterwards, but learns that there is someone else plotting to make sure the truth stays a secret. Thus leaving Gotham with another villain yet to be revealed.
  • Hosts Alikona Bradford @yours_truly_alikona and Katie Kawamoto @kt_christine

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