Berto Colon Teases Mid-Season Premiere of ‘Power Book II: Ghost: You’ll see a real power struggle

Get ready for the suspense.  The mid-season premiere of “Power Book Two: Ghost” airs tonight. Berto Colon gives us a little teaser, and explains what it’s like working with Mary J. Blidge. 

Benny Adams

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Posted On: December 6th, 2020 3:03 pm pst

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Get ready, because your favorite obsession is coming back to your Television screens. Power Book ll: Ghost returns tonight on STARZ  with the second half of season 1. 

Berto Colon, who plays Lorenzo Tejada, talked with Benny Adams about what to expect for the second half of the season, and what it’s like working alongside the legend  Mary J Blidge. 

If you’re a fan of the series you know that Colon’s character Lorenzo is running an underground drug empire with his wife Monet, played by Blidge. Both actors have amazing onscreen chemistry, but when Colon learned he would be working with the queen of Hip-Hop Soul and R&B, he had to  quickly learn to get out of fan mode and get down to business. 

“It was scary and intimidating. It was a challenge personally to get over the idea of who she is; all the years of listening to her music, in college and just growing up with her vibe and her energy, all the passion she brings to it…to now be standing in front of her, doing the work with her and diving into some very intense situations. Blows my mind… I have to be honest with myself and step away from being “star struck”; put those feelings aside, and just focus on what I know I can do. She makes me elevate my game! I see her work, and I love it; what she brings to this role and the series, how she does it, is perfect!!” explained Colon.

Colon has an impressive resume playing a variety of characters throughout the years. When it comes to playing Lorenzo he says he has a special way in tapping into the villainous role. 

“The essence of every character that I’ve ever played is finding the truth, that’s first and foremost. There’s a lot of fun and a lot of freedom in playing a guy like this, for obvious reasons. He’s a villain and a bad guy. The trick for me is to always find the truth, the conflicts, and everything that ‘s most human about these characters because that’s what makes it interesting. For me it’s a little bit more fun than say, playing  a”good” guy or something a little more dramatic.”

Since the first half of season 1 has ended, fans have eagerly been waiting to find out what’s going to happen next. Colon was tight lipped on what to expect during the premiere, but he did give a little teaser. 

Without revealing too much, I think that you’ll see a real power struggle between what’s happening in the streets, and my ability to control what’s happening. It will be an interesting dynamic to say the least between Monet and Lorenzo, and Lorenzo and his kids.”

You can catch the mid-season premiere of  Power Book II: Ghost tonight on STARZ  at 8 p.m. PST.

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