Ben Levin and Leo Howard Are Now Series Regulars for CW’s ‘Legacies’

The CW’s Legacies will be adding some familiar faces as series regulars entering season three. This new season is gearing up to Kickin’ It up to the next level.

Ben Levin and Leo Howard have both been announced on Deadline as new series regulars on the show.

Following the adventures of Klaus Mikaelson’s daughter, Hope, and her classmates as they deal with forgotten monsters and ancient curses, and yeah know, typical teenage problems.

The former Disney’s Kickin’ It star portrays Ethan who goes to school at Mystic Falls High and is also the son of Sheriff Mac. Ethan befriends Hope when she was forgotten from reality and attended MFHS.

Ben Levin’s character, Jed the werewolf, also attends school with Hope, but at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted home to all the magical creatures of Mystic Falls. He was the former Alpha werewolf on campus until Raphael took over leadership.

The former starred on Freeform/Hulu’s Turkey Drop alongside Olivia Holt and Cheryl Hinds.

While production has taken a halt for season 3 of the Legacies, we cannot wait to see these two awesome dudes join the main cast. What are you hoping to see of these two characters’ stories with the actors becoming series regulars? Let me know on social media with the hashtag #CWNewsWeekly because you can’t spell “I can’t live without” without C.W.

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