Ben is on the Brink of a Breakdown! – S3 E8 ‘Ozark’ Recap & Review

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As one of Netflix’s top shows, Ozark definitely has a reputation for being a great show to talk about with your friends. Now with the OZARK AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW, you can join us every week to discuss the episodes and break down your favorite moments! Will Marty ever get out from under the shady dealings? Will his family ever forgive him for what they’ve had to do? Will they even survive the ordeal? Tune in for more discussion and even potential special guests! Also, stay up to date with all the juicy news and gossip!

Episode Recap

Unable to get his hands on Frank Jr., Ben takes his frustration out on a random douche at a bar.  Ruth appreciates the sentiment, but tells him to chill out. The Byrde Family Foundation has it’s big fundraising gala, which brings all of our favorite Ozarkians together.  Marty and Wendy lead the charge with Helen skeptically observing their latest ploy the the local politician. Jonas gets kissed by Erin. Even Darlene and Wyatt get dressed up and plant more alliance seeds with Ruth.  But it all falls apart when Ben arrives and disrupts the event, calling everyone liars, and punching out Marty. This gets him placed in the looney bin where he begs Ruth to get him out. With the help of Darlene, Ben is released. He then b-lines it to Helen’s home and reveals who she is to Erin.  The look in Helen’s eyes said it all…

Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Tenere Williams (@tenerew) Sean McHugh (@seanstar75)

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