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AFTERBUZZ TV – Being Human edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of SyFy’s Being Human. In this show, hosts Sean O and Katarina Waters break down the episode in which Sally and Max enjoy breakfast together in the brownstone, while Aidan complains to Josh about Erin’s new long shower habits. The doorbell rings and Sally goes to get it, until she sees it is her estranged brother Robbie. She runs and hides, while the guys discover that Robbie has become their new landlord, as his father Samid inherited the house after Danny’s death and Samid gave him the job. The boys stall him, so he does not enter and see Sally, while she attempts to apologize for acting strange around Max. With Max at work, Sally explains how Robbie always got into trouble with the law, and that they need to find out a way to keep him alive, and their valuables safe. Aidan goes back to work, after having not attended for several days since Kenny saw his change. However, he still avoids answering Kenny’s questions about vampires, even though Kenny offers his blood. Josh returns to the house after running errands to find Erin’s clothing covering the living room. He then hears noises from the basement, where he discovers Erin going through Aidan’s things. She explains she wants to change in the basement or the woods, but Josh says she should go to the storage unit like Nora. When she talks back, he reprimands her as she is staying with them and will abide by his rules. At the funeral home, Max seems distant, and when Sally presses he reveals he feels like he is out of the loop, as they are intimate physically but not yet emotionally. She promises she will find ways to change, and asks to stay at his place while her brother is in town. At the hospital the next day, Kenny pushes for the truth, and Aidan finally admits it, all while dispelling all of the myths and revealing that Kenny’s blood is clean of the killer virus. Kenny offers up his blood, and asks how Aidan became a vampire. He has a flashback to the American Revolution where he was a human soldier who by chance finds Bishop feeding on dead British soldiers. Aidan chases after him, being easily beaten by the vampire who offers Aidan the chance to change in exchange for saving his soldiers. In the present, Josh finds Erin has gone through his things, finding the book he used to document his werewolf curse. Aidan deflects her to the basement where he tells Josh he should look after her like he did for Emily. Sally heads home from Max’s quickly to get a change of clothes, but she bumps into Robbie in the middle of the street. He recognizes her, and she realizes that he is now doomed to die. She runs off, but not before telling her brother she loves him. At the hospital, Kenny presses Aidan more on vampires, and he begins to dispel some of the myths and preconceptions, before Kenny asks him to turn him. Aidan denies the request, before flashing back to after Bishop had turned him, feeling an odd euphoria of a new life. Bishop finds him and tells him that he should not return to his soldiers as he will only kill them, but Aidan proclaims he will not. However, when Aidan passes by his friend Ben who was wounded earlier, he gets entranced by Ben’s blood, only to drain him dry. Sally calls on Josh for help, heading to the soup kitchen to confront Donna to demand she save Robbie. After Donna refuses, Sally pulls one of the knives on her only for Donna to use witchcraft to immobilize the both of them. However, she reveals that there is a way to save Robbie and everyone else she might see, but only if Sally gives up ownership of her soul over to her following her natural death in this new life. Sally agrees, as she feels her brother deserves another chance at life just as she has been given. When she asks Donna what will become of her soul, Donna says it is no longer her right to ask. Josh, however, realizes that Donna anticipated this turn of events from the start. Sally catches up with Robbie, who is living out in his car. She realizes their father found out that Robbie was simply trying to scam Josh and Aidan out of the rent money and kicked him out, again. Robbie calls her out on her apparent hypocrisy for not showing up to their mother’s funeral, and as their father still think she is dead, but she explains that it was all because of Danny. Before he leaves for Florida for other deals, she gives him $60 for gas money, before hugging him and watching him drive off. At the hospital, Kenny asks Aidan to turn him one more time, but he declines, again, saying that nothing is the same after the change. Kenny then proclaims that after his eighteenth birthday he will leave the hospital, even if it means death, as he is sick of living in isolation. Aidan flashes back, again, to where Bishop finds him burying Ben’s body, realizing his warning came to fruition. Aidan proclaims he will never make the same mistake, again, but Bishop reminds him that the lure is too strong. A British soldier walks by them, and Bishop compels him over to allow Aidan to feast once more. Josh returns to the house, finding Erin asleep after having cleaned the house. However, she wakes as soon as he steps back out of the house. Sally returns to the funeral home, with Max upset that she disappeared on him the night before. Sally apologizes, and says that she had to take care of life-or-death matters, but Max thinks they should end the relationship. Sally promises there will no longer be any problems, and says that she will keep the promise because they can now spend time out on the town together. At the house, Erin texts someone, revealed to be Liam, who gave her the cellphone and inducted her into his pack. He has tasked Erin to poison Aidan with her blood by sneaking it into his blood supply, as he will never suspect her. However, when Aidan comes home early after she taints the blood, Liam rushes to the house while Josh is out shopping. Aidan realizes he has drunk werewolf blood, and falls to the floor in pain, bleeding from his eyes and nose while Erin hovers over him with stair banister fashioned into a wooden stake. It’s Being Human’s “What’s Blood Got to Do With It” podcast!

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