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AFTERBUZZ TV – Being Human edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of SyFy’s Being Human. In this show, host Sean Overman and Katarina Waters break down the episode in which Nora survives her night with Liam who says he never doubted he would not kill her, as werewolves never kill one of their own, leading her to doubt the events of Ray’s death. She finally makes it back to the house, after Sally and Josh have spent all morning looking for her, and she reveals that Liam is looking for his son’s killer and his daughter. Three weeks later, Aidan is playing chess with an old man in the park as part of a ruse to look for clean blood. However, when he sneezes on Henry after he compels him, Henry turns him away, in fear of the flu. Aidan promises Henry he will survive, but Henry is not that sure. At home, Sally is upset about having accidentally killed Trent, and Josh pushes her to do something about it instead of constantly eating. Aidan returns to the house, asking Josh to question his patients to see if they had the flu virus, but Josh refuses. However, at work, after promising Nora he would not, he looks through some patient files anyway. Sally heads to the funeral home where Trent is being prepared for his funeral service, seeing his ghost. She tells him that she will find a way to get him back to the other side by getting his door. Back in the hospital, Josh notices a patient’s files with several missing entries and asks for more information. The patient Erin reveals to Josh that she was scratched by a strange dog during the last full moon, with Josh realizing that she must have been attacked by a werewolf and she will become one on the next full moon only a day away. Josh tells Nora about the event, saying they will keep her in the hospital for as long as they can, as she believes that as an abused girl Erin will act the same way she did after she first turned. Outside, Henry is tracking down Emma, but Aidan stops him from attacking her, as she has probably gotten the flu virus by now. Back at the hospital, Erin’s social services worker arrives, ready to take her back into another foster home as the last will not take her after she stole from them and struck their grandson, but Josh and Nora prevent her from doing so, claiming that she has clearly been abused and must stay at the hospital, before both deciding to take her in and reveal the truth to her. At the funeral home, Sally continues to plead with Trent that she will find a way to get him his door, which he decides must be telling his fiancée Candice his infidelity. Sally is shocked, but agrees to go to the memorial service to talk with Candice. In the hospital, Henry goes through several patient files before Josh stops him, and Henry taunts him by saying that now that he is human he couldn’t care less about Aidan’s well being. Later, Josh gives Aidan the address of a patient who has not been infected with the flu. That night, Josh and Nora sit Erin down to tell her that she will be a werewolf. She does not believe it at first, but Josh shows her a video from the storage unit of his transformation. The following day, Aidan and Henry track down the patient who did not have the flu, but Henry is too impatient and attacks the man. In the struggle of Aidan pulling him away, he sees the telltale sign that Henry has ingested virus-tainted blood. Sally and Trent wait at the memorial service, and Sally has Max, the mortician who was working on Trent, pull Candice aside. After trying to find the way for Trent to reconcile, Sally reveals to Candice that he cheated on her with him, only for Candice to reveal she has been cheating on Trent for a year, and the fact that they both believed each other to be wrong together lifts the guilt from her heart, but leaves Trent without his door. At the house, Aidan tries to get Henry to drink his untainted blood, but he will not, as it did not help Atlee. Henry admits that he gave in at the hospital, but also reveals that he knew he would never make it because everyone who Aidan loves ends up dead. Aidan tries to keep his hopes up, but the virus takes its toll on Henry quickly, and by nighttime he is fully infected with very little time left. At the funeral home, Sally tries to help Trent think of other unfinished business, but Trent gives up, thrashing out at Sally for screwing up both the living and dead worlds. He leaves, but Max talks to Sally and says he is envious that she was able to bring light into the life of Candice, and Sally finds him charming. In the woods, Nora and Erin prepare to turn, with the pot roast trick Ray had taught him, and Josh gives Erin a duffel bag full of things to use after the turn. When Erin leaves and Josh gives Nora her things to prepare for the night, he accidentally reveals he has a gun on him to protect himself just in case Erin turns out to be less like Nora and more like Brynn. The hours pass and Erin starts to be showing the signs that she is turning. Nora tries to comfort her, but the turn comes quickly for Erin. Erin then goes back to the car and tries to attack Josh. Josh holds his ground with the gun until Nora fully transforms and puts Erin in her place. Back in Boston, Aidan tries to talk to Henry, but Henry has accepted his fate, and goes to die alone. Back in the funeral home, Trent has given up hope when he sees his door appear before him. He passes through only to find himself in Donna’s soup kitchen. Donna wakes up and states how happy she is to have her “first delivery”. Trent realizes he should not be in the kitchen, but Donna dismisses the fact, and notes that it took some time for Sally to give into the urge to see someone from her past. Incredulous that he will spend the rest of eternity in the kitchen, Donna says he will in fact not spend eternity anywhere and uses an iron meat cleaver to slice through his spirit, which does not dissipate temporarily but converts to a pile of dust. Donna takes some dust from the pile and eats it, before suddenly gaining a more youthful appearance. It’s Being Human’s “The Teens They Are a Changin” podcast!

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