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AFTERBUZZ TV – Being Human edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of SyFy’s Being Human. In this show, hosts Sean O and Katarina Waters breaks down the episode “Ruh Roh” in which Josh goes outside to check on Nora when he sees Liam, but Liam holds the two at gunpoint and takes them back to Boston to see something. Aidan and Kat enjoy each other’s company, but with Sally present he tries to keep things from getting too serious until she gives them some privacy. Sally goes upstairs and talks to her body, worried that she could have had at least one human body to eat, even that of a criminal or a terminally ill person, but she still feels she has made the right choice. Liam takes Josh and Nora into the city where he shows them a nest of the strange new vampires created after the flu-cursed vampires drank too much werewolf blood. Liam says they kill without prejudice, even killing young children. At the house, Kat and Aidan are in the living room, having just woken up after making love the previous night. Kat tries to inquire as to why the wedding was so sudden, believing Nora is pregnant, but Aidan does not reveal the truth. When they fall asleep, again, Aidan flashes back to Susanna telling him that their son Isaac wishes to tell the town that he is alive and well, but Aidan knows that it would not be safe. Sally then wakes Aidan up from his dream, revealing that Kenny has finally woke up and is screaming in terror of what he has become. Liam wants to form a family with Josh and Nora, wanting to nurture Josh into being a better werewolf as he is born of a purebred, and Josh proclaims Liam is not part of their pack, and he would rather die than run with him. Liam tries to convince them otherwise, until Nora reveals she is the one who killed Brynn. Aidan tries to assuage Kenny’s feelings of betrayal, as he feels no different than he did before, and Sally manages to convince him that they can get through things like this, as they have done in the past. However, their attention is diverted when Kat screams in terror upstairs, discovering Sally’s rotting corpse. She runs out of the house before Aidan has any chance to explain things, further in terror when Sally causes the door to shut on its own. Nora apologizes for what she did to Liam, knowing that they must leave soon because of Kenny. Liam, realizing that Aidan now has a son, locks Josh and Nora with the feral vampires as they begin to awake, intent on making Aidan feel the pain of losing a child. Josh and Nora begin killing the vampires that wake up and attack them, knowing that they have very little choice in the matter. Josh finds a nearby can of gasoline and douses the still sleeping vampires, before lighting a match. At the house, Kenny has memories of how he has been, and Aidan gives him the rest of the blood he had reserved, realizing that Kenny is hungrier than normal, also warning Kenny that he does not do well after drinking too much. Aidan flashes back again, to when his son Isaac reveals to him that the townspeople have found out about him and that they believe Susanna is a witch who has risen Aidan from the dead. He goes off to save them. In the present, Sally tries to put Aidan at peace for what has happened. Aidan reveals that he has always wanted a family, just as when Rebecca had turned Aidan a few years earlier. He tells her that he felt that he gave himself permission to live after surviving the virus, drinking more blood and waking up in a daze, having turned at least one more person as he did Kenny. He did not want to kill anyone, but he has turned people. Aidan confesses all that has happened to Sally and apologizes for who he has become. Sally says that they will have to live with it, just as Aidan gets shot in the head, Liam having arrived at the house. Liam demands to know where Kenny is, shooting him more until he gives up Kenny’s location, but Kenny calls out from the basement. Aidan is thrown down the stairs and Liam goes to stake Kenny with a shovel. However, Sally screams out for him to stop and the shovel becomes engulfed in flames. Aidan uses an iron bar to try to stop Liam, but Liam impales him and sticks him to the wall, just as Josh and Nora arrive. Josh is thrown back, and when Liam knocks Nora out, Josh lunges, as Kenny drinks from Nora. Sally screams at Liam to let Josh go, distracting him enough for Aidan to pull him closer, impaling him on the iron bar and killing him. With Liam dead, Josh just manages to pull Kenny off of Nora. Everyone tends to their wounds, Aidan using a remaining blood bag to drink from, with another used to give Nora a transfusion. Nora realizes Josh did not get to kill Liam, leaving Josh a werewolf for good. Aidan goes out to find Kat, who threatened to call the police, as there are now two dead bodies in the house. Josh realizes that Kenny would have killed Nora if he had not been stopped, but Aidan promises that he will take care of Kenny. Aidan meets up with Blake, who feels he is upset about the wolves, but he needs her help to compel Kat. At the house, Nora says that they should go to Alaska for their honeymoon, and she realizes that Josh feels different this time around. Josh admits that he feels closer to his wolf than he did before, particularly after the event with Donna. Aidan leads Blake to Kat’s apartment where Blake introduces herself as a detective. As Blake begins to compel her, Aidan walks into the apartment, upseting Kat who tries to call the police, again, until Aidan subdues her. Blake manages to compel her to forget about seeing Sally’s corpse and all that happened before the compulsion. Blake leaves them be, just as Kat wakes up, the compulsion having worked perfectly. Aidan takes Kenny out to the woods, and Kenny realizes that it is the end, and that he had no control of himself. Aidan flashes back once more to when Susanna was being tortured for being a witch, as they believe she used the dark arts to bring Aidan back to life. Aidan catches up too late, and Susanna is drowned. Aidan is beat up by the townspeople, who believe he is a monster. Isaac, who had been told to stay put in the woods, finds the townspeople, and Aidan tells him to run away. As Isaac runs into the woods, Aidan lets his vampire nature surface, killing several of the judgemental townspeople before turning his attention on Reverend Herring, snapping the reverend’s neck. In the present day, Aidan holds Kenny’s head as he did to the reverend, before yelling at Kenny to run away. Josh, Aidan, and Nora re-bury Sally into her grave, and she admits that they gave her everything she wanted, before asking for a minute alone at her grave. Josh asks what happened with Kenny, and Aidan tells him everything is taken care of. Several days pass and it is now the morning following the full moon. Aidan and Sally talk, with Sally admitting that she is happy that she is a ghost, again, and wondering how Josh is after turning, again. Sally believes it is better for them both to be the same as each other. Sally asks how things are with Kat, before Aidan leaves the house. Sally walks into the living room, alone, until she hears Donna’s voice. Donna reveals that the two of them are now connected spiritually, revealing she is a ghost and proclaiming how interesting it was to meet Sally and her vampire and werewolf friends. Sally tries to disperse her, but the iron bar disappears. Donna reveals that they are going to leave because she does not belong on this plane anymore. Sally does not want to go back to Limbo, but Donna reveals that will not be the case this time around. Donna warps them throughout the house to where Sally died the first time, threatening to reveal what happens when the death spot is destroyed. Sally proclaims she will take Donna with her wherever they end up, even shredding her, but Donna replies that Sally has no choice. Sally tries to threaten Donna by saying that she does not know what she is capable of, but Donna says she knows very well, which is why she likes Sally so much. Donna pushes Sally’s ghost down the stairs, and she lands as she did when she died the first time around. However, the floor beneath her begins to crumble away, leading to a bottomless chasm that Donna drags her down into, before the hole is sealed up. Aidan is walking in town, passing by a cab that comes to a halt. As he walks off in the other direction, a woman identical to his wife Susanna steps out of the cab, seemingly following the same path as Aidan. In the woods, Nora awakes from the previous night’s full moon, but cannot find Josh. She looks around, wondering where he is, when she finds him, still transformed into his wolf. She is terrified of what has become of him, and screams in terror as the scene cuts to black. It’s Being Human’s “Ruh Roh” podcast!

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