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AFTERBUZZ TV – Being Human edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of SyFy’s Being Human. In this show, hosts Sean O and Katarina Waters break down the episode in which after Henry’s death from the virus, Aidan seems to be coping by having an impromptu party with the co-ed fraternity in the house, much to Josh and Nora’s ire. After ushering Erin back upstairs for the night, as Aidan had let her drink, Josh tries to talk to Aidan, but he does not want to really listen, including revealing he had already drank blood. Sally, too, believes Aidan should be allowed to cope as he wants, even if it does not appear to be that way. The following morning, Nora tells Josh it is her mother’s birthday and she will be spending the night at her parents’. Josh asks to come, but she refuses, leaving for the day. When Aidan wakes up, Josh reprimands him for having the party, wanting to talk about Henry, but Aidan says he is fine, and no longer needs Josh’s help in finding clean blood. Josh, also, informs Aidan that he can get his job back, and it would help out around the house as they are strapped for cash after raising Sally from the dead, sending money to Ray’s wife and son, and getting a new car after Erin destroyed it. Aidan, however, does not want to head back to work yet. Sally awakes from a nightmare where people from her past recognize her and die, and while talking with Erin she expresses the desire to get a new identity. At work, Josh asks Nora once more to go to see her parents and she finally agrees. That night, Aidan takes Sally out on the town to a tough bar (a former ramen restaurant according to Aidan) where he knows no one will know her, and so he can find a new victim. At the bar, Sally asks Aidan how vampires acquired new identities, and he reveals that they used to take the identities of dead children. At Nora’s family home, after covering up Josh’s Star of David necklace, he is introduced to her father Robert, younger brother R.J., and mother Lynette. Both Josh and Erin, brought along so they can keep an eye on her, notice something off about the family. While Josh is helping Lynette make dinner, she says something sympathetic about Nora’s ex Will. Alone, Nora reveals to Josh that she never told them the truth about Will, but they all suspect it. Additionally, she reveals that she had killed Brynn after they got in a fight before the turn. Josh forgives her for any of her past transgressions, as he loves her regardless. Back at the bar, Aidan pays the tab and leaves, ditching Sally, until she goes outside to see Aidan has attacked a burly biker he had gotten drunk by ordering drinks for everyone, leaving him for dead. When they meet back up, Sally is furious that Aidan may have drank tainted blood, but he shows no remorse. At the Sargeant home, Josh asks Robert permission to marry Nora, and he dismissively permits it. Back in the house, Aidan dreams about everyone he has lost, when he awakes to find Sally holding a stake to his heart. Holding back tears, she asks why he has a death wish when he finally has all he wanted, and he admits that he has been selfish and not thinking about the rest of them, despite bringing up Sally’s intent to change her identity and leave as well. Aidan regains his resolve, and signs up back at the hospital for nursing duty. The same day, R.J. goes to see Nora and drunkenly reveals that Josh asked their dad if he could marry her, to which she is incredulous. She leaves to get coffee to sober him up, when Erin goes to see that he is in the house. He throws her a beer and they go upstairs to her room to drink. Josh returns to the house to see R.J. making out with Erin. Enraged that the man is hitting on a 15 year old, he demands R.J. to get out of the house, and ends up getting into a fist fight with him. The two fight just as Nora returns from shopping. After R.J. makes an offhanded remark about her choice in men, she throws him out as well. At the funeral home, Sally goes through the death certificates to find a child’s identity to steal when Max walks in on her. She says she needs a means to leave, and Max offers her a job as an undertaker, for cash, to which she agrees. Later, Josh attempts to apologize to Erin, but he finds that she has run away from the house. That night, Nora says that maybe taking on Erin was too much of a burden with Aidan and Sally back, saying she does not think they need anything extreme for their life, but Josh believes that they are ready for some new things. At the hospital, Aidan is hired on as a night shift worker when the nurse leads him to a wing holding Kenny, a teenager with severe combined immunodeficiency, someone who has never had a germ in his system. It’s Being Human’s “I’m So Lonesome I Could Die” podcast!

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