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AFTERBUZZ TV – Being Human edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of SyFy’s Being Human. In this show, hosts Sean O and Katarina Waters break down the episode in which a pack of werewolves hunt down a sickly vampire, and Liam appears to deal the finishing blow. The younger werewolf admits there’s no sport anymore, but Liam says he was never in it for the sport. At the house, Sally eats breakfast voraciously, as her body still will not take on any food, when Aidan returns from his night shift at the hospital. Aidan has a nightmare where he nearly kills Kenny, who is appearing as a doctor accompanied by two nurses, and when he awakes he sees the women, Beth and Holly, from the dream are the two young women he killed for Henry previously. They have come to haunt him, as they have not been able to pass on. Josh and Nora try to find Erin, while Sally begins her first day of work at the funeral home. Max tries to introduce her to the job, but the appearance of the ghost of the man he is working on divides her attention. She lures the ghost to the garage where she uses a tire iron to disperse him. As the ghosts of Beth and Holly continue to taunt him, Nora’s friend Kat arrives to drop off her rent pay for subletting Nora’s apartment, and Beth and Holly taunt him to drink from her, but he leaves before the temptation takes him. Liam approaches Josh and Nora at work, seeking answers as to why Connor paid him $1,700. At the funeral home, Max attempts to flirt with Sally, and Sally, feeling things for him back, invites him over for dinner as Zoe and Nick will be spending the night and she does not want to be a third wheel. He accepts and agrees to come over at 8 o’clock, just as Sally hears another ghost talking. It is Linda, Max’s mother, who keeps watch over him. At the hospital, Josh reveals he used the money Connor gave him to find a cure for himself, and a way to prolong the wolf in the twins, but nothing worked. Liam notices Josh is not a werewolf, and he is forced to reveal he had killed his maker, with Nora adding it was in her defense. Back at the house, Zoe and Nick reveal their plans to go to India, as Linda watches on and makes comments throughout the night. Still unsuspecting of the three’s nature, Sally asks Linda to leave them be. At the hospital, Aidan spends some time with Kenny, who wants company, but with Beth and Holly taunting him, Aidan ultimately takes a blood sample from Kenny to drink. As the night winds down, Zoe and Sally talk about Linda, and then Sally reveals that she does not help out the new ghosts, to which Zoe is unnerved. Zoe and Nick take their leave, and Sally says good night to Max, leaning in for a kiss, but he is befuddled and leaves quickly. Aidan heads home, noticing he is being tracked by a pair of werewolves. The wolves, expecting a weak vampire, attempt to slay him, but Aidan has the strength to overwhelm them, as Liam watches on from the shadows. Kenny wakes up, lethargic from the drawn blood, surprised that Nurse Kerwin is asking for another sample, and piquing his interest in Aidan. At the house, Josh and Nora realize Aidan is feeling better, and he reveals he had drank some of Kenny’s blood. At the funeral home, Max apologizes to Sally for not reciprocating their feelings the night before, when they become intimate. At the hospital, Kenny takes film of Aidan, believing that he will not appear on the film, nor will he have a reflection, but Aidan’s vampirism is not like in the movies. At the funeral home, Sally is feeling better after the tryst with Max, but he is somewhat appalled as they had sex in the viewing room. Linda reappears, calling Sally a slut for taking her son’s flower. Josh and Nora still cannot find Erin, when Liam approaches them, asking them to kill Aidan, or else he will take action on them. Back at the funeral home, Sally appears to dump Max and quit her job. As Josh and Nora discuss their options in dealing with Liam or Aidan, Sally wakes up to discover Linda in her room, and she realizes that Linda had taken over her body to dump Max, and roughly. At the hospital, Kenny holds up a cross to Aidan, expecting it to have some effect on him, and when it does not, he outright asks if Aidan is a vampire. Taken aback, Aidan instead explains that he should no longer be watching horror movies, and now paranoid that he may have been discovered. Sally talks with Zoe to see if there is some way to deal with Linda, and Zoe lends her her Soul Lock, a pendant made by the hill people of Thailand (that she picked up in Bangkok Airport as a cheap souvenir) that will bind Sally’s spirit to her body, preventing Linda from taking over. Josh meets up with Liam, holding him at gunpoint to demand he not come near Aidan or Nora again, and admitting that when he changed he had no pack, only Aidan. Liam, taken aback by Josh’s brazen act, tells him to leave. In the hospital, Kenny apologizes to Aidan, believing he may be going crazy from lack of interaction, but Aidan assuages his problems and sits to watch TV with him. Sally returns to the funeral home and prepares to exorcise Linda. Protected by the Soul Lock, Sally binds Linda with a salt line, burns sage, and prepares the rite until Linda admits that all she wants is for Max to be happy. Sally then helps her realize that what she has been doing has not been making Max happy. At the house, Liam arrives, with Erin in tow, and with Erin now back in the house he approaches Josh, commending his bravery and saying he is now part of the family. Sally manages to meet with Max again, and apologizes for “her” actions earlier and asks if they can start over, to which he agrees. They kiss, and Linda looks on happily. At the hospital, Aidan awakes with Nurse Kerwin’s urging, demanding that she tell him about the blood samples. When she threatens to make a report, Aidan kills her, until he realizes the gravity of his actions. As he goes over ideas in his head, ultimately drinking on her blood, he wakes up from the nightmare. However, his eyes and teeth have taken on their vampiric nature, and Kenny has seen everything, just as Aidan runs out of the room with Beth and Holly still taunting. It’s Being Human’s “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth Die” podcast!

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