Behind The Scenes With Rising Tik tok Star Ask.Nelly

Zachary Reality is starting a new series where he interviews up and coming Tik Tok stars. In the first episode, he talks with Ask.Nelly. 

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Posted On: November 24th, 2020 10:27 pm pst

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Nelly, better known as “Ask.Nelly” is a confidence coach who gives real and relatable dating advice to her tik tok followers, while also traveling around Europe, showcasing her boujee lifestyle in a series of vlogs. She has accumulated nearly 300 thousand followers just within 4 months of posting Tik Toks. Nelly shares that the way she got started on Tik Tok was actually a coincidence. Her sister at the time was going through some relationship issues and she had some really good advice to give her. Around that time the app was just getting popular and Nelly wanted to get her feet wet. She essentially put the advice she gave to her sister on her Tik Tok and noticed really quickly how well the video did. She continued to post more videos on tips and tricks of all things dating, relationships and confidence. Before she knew it, Nelly created a very large fan base and community of girls that looked up to her for her trusted and wise advice.

While Nelly has grown her platform mostly based on her very wise and relatable advice, she has also shared her personal life with us, in a series of vlogs around Europe. Earlier this year before the pandemic hit, Nelly was visiting her family’s second house in Mallorca Spain, for what she thought would be one week. Five months later, due to the pandemic, Nelly is just now preparing to head back home for the holidays. She is originally from Miami, Florida, but will be spending her Thanksgiving with her family in Canada. Throughout the past several months of Covid, Nelly wanted to use her time living in Spain, to take advantage of the opportunities to travel. Europe is much more open than America is, so Nelly took it upon herself to visit cities like London, Milan, Venice and more. When asked what her advice is to solo travelers, Nelly says “become comfortable with the uncomfortable”. Nelly wants her followers to know that it’s easy to get so comfortable with our daily routine that we forget there is a beautiful world out there to see and explore. 

As I mentioned earlier, Nelly refers to herself as a “confidence coach”. Since day 1 of posting on her platform, Nelly has continued to inspire and motivate her growing audience to be themselves and take risks. If you go to her page, Nelly will provide you with everything you need to know in order to achieve your goals. Whether it is getting a guy to ask you out on that first date, or learning what the signs of a F-boy are, to how to deal with a breakup. Nelly has got you covered. During our interview, I wanted to ask her more how she maintains this level of dignity and motivation. Nelly went into detail about the importance of setting goals, and working towards what you personally want to get out of life, whether that is a relationship, job promotion, traveling to a new destination, or just looking in the mirror and being happy with what you see. Nelly provides that safe space for her followers, as she mentions her DM’s are always open. 

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She receives hundreds of messages a day from girls all around the globe. When I asked her what’s the craziest DM she’s ever received, she said something along the lines of girls sending her screenshots when they’re already in bed with the guy asking what to do next. Comical right? However, it just goes to show how connected Nelly is to her followers that they trust her so much. Nelly always maintains a confidentiality code. 

The link to the full video with Nelly is down below! I suggest you guys check it out!

And be sure to follow Nelly on her Social Media journey! Everything is @ask.nelly

We will see you guys on TikTok! 

Thank everyone for reading and please comment if you want to see more of these interviews. This is only episode one of this series and I couldn’t have picked a better guest to start off with!

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