Before a Fall Season 1 Episode 7 ‘The Witcher’ Review & Recap

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Toss a coin to your Witcher! We’re here discussing each episode of Netflix’s phenomenal WITCHER series! On the AFTERBUZZ TV THE WITCHER AFTER SHOW PODCAST, we’re breaking down some deets from the books and the video games as they apply to the tv series as well as deep-diving on character and plot development! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

Back at the battle of Cintra, Geralt is actually present when Cintra is being taken over by Nilfgaard. Geralt wants to take his law by surprise but gets betrayed by queen Calanthe giving him the wrong girl. Meanwhile Yennefer gets back to her past meeting Astrid trying to win him back as she is in pain and hurt by Geralt. Astrid though doesn’t want to commit anymore and leaves her behind. Vilgefortz is taking Yennefer back to Aretuza where she meets Tissaia trying to convince her to protect Cintra. While the court is voting about it Fringilla is appearing confirming that she rejected the way of life being taught in Aretuza and will fight with Niagarad to get full power of the whole continent.
  • Today’s After Show is hosted by Rachel Goodman, Benjamin Schnau, Olivia Debortoli

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