Barkskins S1 E3 & E4 Recap & After Show: The Woods Grow Colder in Barkskins Episodes Three and Four

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Welcome to History. It’s not pretty, but it IS entertaining. Nat Geo’s series Barkskins (based on the book of the same name) is here to throw you headfirst into the frontier; and we’re here with the cast and creators to throw you headfirst into Barkskins. On the AFTERBUZZ TV BARKSKINS AFTER SHOW PODCAST, we’re bridge the gap between viewer and crew as we dive into the discussion every week with the latest episodes and featuring special guest insight. Subscribe and comment.

On episodes three and four of Barksins season one, Trepagny has decided he will find his wife through the fille du roi program. He arrives at the dance, where the eligible young women are waiting. Melissandre notices him, and she seduces Trepagny before walking away and leaving him with anticipation. In episode four, they are wed and arrive at his property– only for Melissandre to discover that he’s got a “maid.” What will happen once Melissandre discovers he has a child with this woman? Back in town, Mathilde reveals Cooke’s involvement in the murder of the settlers. She speaks of this to the captain, and he in turn confronts Cooke in the town square, leaving Cooke in the center. Duquet, who has gone to “kill” Thom, returns to wait by Cooke’s side. Meanwhile, Sels has been captured by the Iroquois after they shot him with an arrow. Will Mari be able to step in and save him? Or is Sels done?
Hosts: Rachel Goodman & Kari Lane
Junket Host: Alana Jordan

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