Barkskins S1 E2 Recap & After Show: A Mutiny Afoot in New France

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Welcome to History. It’s not pretty, but it IS entertaining. Nat Geo’s series Barkskins (based on the book of the same name) is here to throw you headfirst into the frontier; and we’re here with the cast and creators to throw you headfirst into Barkskins. On the AFTERBUZZ TV BARKSKINS AFTER SHOW PODCAST, we’re bridge the gap between viewer and crew as we dive into the discussion every week with the latest episodes and featuring special guest insight. Subscribe and comment.

Goames has brought the girl from the forest, along with the priest, back to the village. Tensions rise once we learn that Elisha Cook was behind the pillaging of the settlement, and Cook warns that this must not be information that gets out. He hires his men to take care of this. Specifically, Cooke sends Gus LaFarge after the girl and the priest– and Gus enlists the help of the young boy, Thom, who ends up stabbing Mathilde and sneaking away with the girl. The priest goes unscathed. Thom and the girl run right into Trepagny, who has just found out he’s to have a wife courtesy of the fille du roi program. Fortunately for the young girl, Trepagny knocks Tom down, and she escapes. The episode ends with Trepagny traipsing into the dark forest– and singing of the light.
Hosts: Kari Lane and Rachel Goodman

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