Bad Omens & Bad Makeup – S5 E6 ‘Outlander’ Recap & Review

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Episode Recap

Roger finally takes a win for coming up with a smokin’ solution to get rid of the locust plague, which also wins him favor among the people of Fraser’s Ridge. Roger’s idea from a nursery rhyme saves their crops from a blanket of locusts.
We see a flashback of a younger Aunt Jocasta in a scene where her daughter was shot while trying to smuggle the wrong King’s gold. This gold awarded her with status and riches that she believes also punished her with blindness and a life of regret.
On the night before Jocasta’s wedding, Murtagh reappears professing his undying love for Jocasta in hopes to have her cancel the wedding festivities and wait for his bounty to blow over.
Jocasta signs over River Run to her nephew and Bre’s son – Jeremiah. This could mean a lot at stake if Bonnett exploits his potential position as Jeremiah’s father.
Phillip Wylie spots Claire at Jocasta and Duncan’s party and Wylie pursues her all the way to a knife at the throat by Jamie. Wylie attempted to force himself on Claire after she learned of his business dealings with Bonnett and showed interest in their arrangements. To get closer to Bonnett, Jamie devises a plan for Wylie to gamble away his prize horse in exchange for Claire’s beloved gold wedding ring from Frank. Where is the respect for wedding vows in this episode? Everything can be bought with the right barter.
  • Hosts: Adrian Snow, Rachel Radner, Angele Taylor, Leigh Broadway

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