Bachelorpedia: Where Is Bachelor Nation’s Shannon Bair Now?

Shannon Bair was a contestant on Jason Mesnick’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ in 2009.

The Breakdown

Season: The Bachelor Season 13 (Jason Mesnik)

Relationship Status: In a relationship

What They Do: Dental hygienist

Bachelor Biography

Shannon Bair joined Bachelor Nation in 2009 as a contestant on Jason Mesnick’s season of The Bachelor. Bair, a dental hygienist from Missouri, was a huge fan of the show before she became a cast member.

“I have seen every episode!” she told The Marshall-Democrat News in an interview after the show. “When I still lived in Marshall, my friend Molly and I would have watch parties. I was at a point in my life where there wasn’t anything tying me down, so I felt the time was right if I were gonna do it.”

Bair was sent home during the show’s fourth week, and recalls crying to Mesnick as her most embarrassing moment before leaving the show.

“Some would say that I was being real and wearing my heart on my shoulder, but I didn’t like watching myself look so weak,” she said. “The pressure was very intense and trying to tell a guy in a matter of minutes why he should keep you is something I am not good at.”

Despite not making it to the end, Bair said she loved her time on the show and compared the experience to being in a sorority.

“Being able to film the show was an experience of a lifetime,” she said. “I loved the mansion, the dates, the food, the limo rides, someone doing your hair/make-up and, most of all, meeting 24 other amazing women. I know some girls might think I’m crazy, but I made friendships with all of the women. We are all very close, and I know our friendships will last a lifetime!”

After leaving The Bachelor, Bair returned to Kansas City and reunited with her ex-boyfriend of five years.

Where is she now?

Bair, who now goes by Shannon Gibbons, has since found love in quarantine! She announced her new relationship with Jeff Hass on a Facebook post in May captioned, “My corona.”

She’s still living in Kansas City and continues to work as a dental hygienist.

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