Bachelorpedia: Where is Bachelor Nation’s Jedidiah Ballard Now?

Jedidiah Ballard was a contestant on Rachel Lindsay’s season of ‘The Bachelorette’, but where is he now? 

The Breakdown

Instagram: @dr_jedidiah_

Season: The Bachelorette Season 13 (Rachel Lindsay)

Relationship Status: Single

What They Do: Emergency room physician, Men’s Health Advisory Board member

Follow For: Fitness tips, health tips & inspiration!

Bachelor Biography

Jedidiah Ballard joined Bachelor Nation as a suitor on Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette in 2017. Ballard, an emergency room physician and former U.S. Army Ranger,

was sent home from the mansion on the first night.

Ballard told Women’s Health it was difficult to get time with Lindsay.

“I knew it would be a little bit hard, but I didn’t know how hard,” he said. “It’s incredibly difficult trying to meet a girl on camera while politely trying to tell other guys to get hosed. It was a new situation for me.”

He also said it was a challenge to navigate being in an environment surrounded by cameras.

“In that environment, I was just very aware that all my colleagues and med students [would be watching]” he said. “After a while it might become natural, but that first night I was very careful watching my drinks—probably to the point where I could have been a little more aggressive and done better. But I’m still doing great at my real job, so there are pros and cons.”

Despite only making it one night on the show, Ballard already had a platform going onto the show: he was named The Ultimate Men’s Health Guy in their 2016 competition, where he was recognized for serving others and his country.

“I love traveling, seeing new places, and helping people,” he said. “But I also feel really lucky. I grew up lower-middle class—literally in a barn at one point—and now I’m a doctor. America has been good to me. I have the desire to give back.”

Where is he now?

Ballard continues to share his health insights and advice with Men’s Health, where he serves on the advisory board. He’s also made appearances on shows like The Doctors, where he recently shared his at-home workout routine in quarantine.

For more fitness and health advice, you can check out his YouTube channel, Fit Enough.

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