Bachelorpedia: Where is Bachelor Nation’s Bri Barnes Now?

Bri Barnes was a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ season six, but where is she now?

The Breakdown

Instagram: @bri_ashbarnes

Season: The Bachelor Season 23 (Colton Underwood), Bachelor in Paradise Season Six

Relationship Status: Single

What They Do: Model

Follow For: Fashion and photo inspo!

Bachelor Biography

Brianna “Bri” Barnes joined Bachelor Nation in 2019 as a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. Though Barnes is a model from Los Angeles, it took Underwood a little while to figure that out, as she started her time on the show with a fake Australian accent.

“You have to do what you can to stand out,” she said in a confessional interview on the show.

Barnes didn’t keep up the act too long and confessed to Underwood later on the first night at the mansion.

“My Australian accent is kind of an icebreaker. I’ll start talking like I’m from Australia and it’s really fun,” she told Underwood, admitting she’s never even been to Australia. “I like to show a lighthearted side of me so Australia Bri comes in and out.”

Despite fibbing to Underwood in the beginning, she lasted three weeks on the show before being sent home. She was then invited back on the franchise as a late arrival in week five of Bachelor in Paradise season six.

Barnes briefly dated Matt Donald in paradise before confronting him for choosing her over Sydney Lotuaco because of her physical appearance.

“She’s so much more than a supermodel. She’s… awesome,” Donald said of Barnes. “But so help me God, if I walk away from this with a supermodel girlfriend!”

“I’m honestly feeling a little bit like you made the wrong decision by giving me the rose,” she told him on the show. “I feel like you see the exterior of me but I want to be chosen because you know things about my heart and the person that I am.”

Barnes split with Donald on the last week of the show.

Where is she now?

Barnes continues to work as a professional model. You can catch her latest shoots, outfits and more of her life in Los Angeles on her Instagram.

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