Bachelorpedia: Where is Bachelor Nation’s Benoit Beauséjour-Savard Now?

Benoit Beauséjour-Savard was a contestant on the first season of ‘The Bachelorette Canada,’ ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ season five and ‘The Bachelor Winter Games,’ but where is he now?

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Posted On: December 3rd, 2020 3:23 pm pst

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Credit: ABC

Instagram: @benoitbeausejour

Season: The Bachelorette Canada Season One, Bachelor in Paradise Season Five, The Bachelor Winter Games

What They Do: Restaurant manager

Follow For: His outdoor adventures across Canada and catch his occasional TV appearance! 

Bachelor Biography

Credit: ABC

Benoit Beausejour-Savard joined The Bachelor franchise as a contestant on The Bachelorette Canada in 2016 for its first ever season. On the show, he competed for the affections of Canada’s first Bachelorette, Jasmine Lorimer.

Savard, a restaurant manager from Montreal, was a fan favorite on the show. He first greeted the Bachelorette in French, earning immediate brownie points. 

“The only thing that I want from this experience is to see you smile, to see you laugh, to see you have fun, and to share these moments with you,” he told Lorimer.

However, things didn’t pan out for the couple and Savard was sent home in week seven. 

Credit: ABC

Savard headed south in 2018 to join the cast of Bachelor in Paradise for its fifth season. In Paradise, he briefly dated Jenna Cooper before she ultimately chose to be with Jordan Kimball. 

He didn’t hit it off with someone else and was sent home in week three of the show. 

But that’s not where Savard’s Bachelor journey ended. He was chosen to take part in The Bachelor Winter Games later that year, where he and other franchise alums competed to find love and win Olympic-style winter sports games.

Credit: ABC

Savard hit it off pretty quickly with Clare Crawley, and ended up in a love triangle with her and Christian Rauch. This caused him to leave the show in the second episode. Crawley then quit the show the following week.

After filming, Savard reached out to Crawley to see if she was ok, as she recounted on the Mouthing Off With Olivia Caridi podcast.

“I thought that was the sweetest, sweetest thing anybody could say at that moment,” she said. “And then we started talking and he was really sweet. We talked every day and FaceTimed every day; I would say like, four or five hours a day of talking.”

While Bachelor Nation watched their breakup play out on television as the spinoff aired, the couple were spending weekends together and reconnecting.

“It was so much fun: we snuck out of the house, we went to sushi,” Crawley said. 

This all led up to a proposal during the The Bachelor Winter Games: World Tell All

Credit: ABC

“The first day I met you I didn’t believe in love at first sight,” Savard told Crawley before getting down on one knee. “You’re the strongest woman I have ever met in my whole entire life. You never give up on love and this is the best thing about you. And I will never, ever give up on you.”

“I’ve always wanted a man that wouldn’t give up on me,” Crawley said. “You truly have changed my life because I didn’t even believe in myself. There were so many times I wanted to throw in the towel and say, ‘Am I crazy for holding out for something so amazing?’ But he always has my back and puts up with my crazy. I just love you and I mean it.”

Two months later in April 2018, the couple announced their decision to end the engagement and part ways. 

“We understand a lot of you have been asking about our relationship since the show, and we wanted to thank you all for the love and respect as we navigated it in real life off camera,” they shared in a joint statement at the time. “We do understand however, having a public engagement on TV kind of changes that. It’s with a heavy heart that we have mutually decided to end our relationship. We think the world of each other, and we were both hoping we could make this work.”

Where is he now?

Savard has been making headlines since Clare Crawley took over as The Bachelorette. He took to Instagram to congratulate her upon the announcement. 

“Congratulations to this gem!! She will be an amazing Bachelorette,” he captioned an old photo of them together. “She is smart, fun, strong, knows what she wants and most importantly, she will call out the guys messing around!! Hell yeah!!”

He later congratulated her on her engagement to Dale Moss, commenting on her Instagram,  “You deserve all the love and happiness!! Happy for you two.”

Despite his own prior engagement to Crawley, Savard wasn’t included in her introduction as the Bachelorette. 

 “We didn’t have time for the footage,”  ABC executive Rob Mills explained on Twitter. “But fun fact: Clare and Benoit are the best of friends!”

Savard confirmed their friendship in an interview with E! News in March, noting the two are still amicable after their split. 

“She has always been so nice to me, even after the breakup. We talked on a regular basis and still care a lot about each other. I’m glad she got that chance at finding love because we both trust that process,” he said. “She will be the best person to call out her men if they aren’t there for her.”

Today, Savard is the director of four restaurants in Montreal, Canada. While he’s not working, you can catch him globe trotting and adventuring in the outdoors, as he documents on his Instagram.

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