Bachelor Nation Reacts to Tayshia’s First Week as The Bachelorette!

Bachelor Nation took to Twitter to share their reactions to Tayshia Adams’ first episode as ‘The Bachelorette’ after replacing Clare Crawley. 

The queen has arrived!

Tayshia Adams has officially taken over as The Bachelorette!

Tuesday night’s episode featured her first week as the show lead, as well as a catch-up with Clare Crawley and Dale Moss, who got engaged and left the show last week

Bachelor Nation took to Twitter to share their reactions, and here are some of our favorites.

Brett S. Vergara

Our favorite Bachelor live-tweeter Brett S. Vergara had the best theory.

“We get some positive news on the coronavirus vaccine front the SAME WEEK Tayshia takes over as #TheBachelorette??” he wrote. “Coincidence??? I think NOT.”

Lauren Zima

Lauren Zima was speaking the TRUTH.

“Tayshia isn’t just a breath of fresh air she’s a breeze a gust a strong a wind a windstorm A TORNADO OF FRESH AIR,” the Entertainment Tonight Roses and Rosé host tweeted.

And she had this insightful note:

Tammy Ly

…did anyone else hear this?

Clay Harbor

This was also us, TBH.

The Betchelor

The Betchelor podcast shared this incredible throwback.

Nicole Lopez-Alvar

Nicole Lopez-Alvar sent some love to Tayshia.

“She’s the kind of Bachelorette that will inspire not only future, but former Bachelorettes… let alone women across the country,” she wrote. “Just as beautiful, sincere, and gracious on the inside as she is on the outside. The best to ever do it…ever. These men are blessed let me tell you.”

Chris Harrison

Host Chris Harrison shared what it took to run around following Tayshia and Brendan on their date.

“I’m in mid season form,” he tweeted. “I ran the margarita to ice cream stand in 4.4”

Mike Johnson

And Mike Johnson offered Tayshia an alternative in case none of her suitors work out.

“We love ya @TayshiaAdams you killed it tonight,” he tweeted. “If you don’t find love, @ConnorSaeli is still single.”

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