Bachelor Nation Reacts to New Cast Members Plus Cameos from Wells and Ben!

Just when you thought Nemacolin was booked full, five more women joined the group and Bachelor Nation took to Twitter to share their reactions. 

As if Nemacolin wasn’t already overcrowded, five new women joined The Bachelor Monday night. With the new additions came new drama, too. Find out how Bachelor Nation reacted to the new women, cameos from Ben Higgins and Wells Adams, all things Queen Victoria and more in the best tweets below:

Brett S. Vergara

Bernie Sanders memes will never die.


Demi Burnett

“Victoria cannot actually be a real person like where’s Ashton Kutcher bc I feel PUNKED,” Demi Burnett tweeted.

Honestly, an Ashton Kutcher cameo is what this season is missing.

Demi Burnett


The Betchelor

Either everyone else is really cold, or she’s extra toasty.

Brett S. Vergara

Brett S. Vergara shared what we were all thinking about that Ben Higgins cameo.

“Ah yes, Matt’s bestie Ben Higgins is here! A man he totally knows! Not at all a complete stranger!” he wrote.

Bachelor Party

Who else thought this was the weirdest group date ever?

Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins out here being a rational king.

“Just to be clear, name calling is never an effective way to express emotion (at least that is what my kindergarten teacher instilled in me),” he tweeted.

Nick Viall

“I hope they’re giving Katie $20 an hour for all the babysitting she’s doing,” Nick Viall tweeted.

He makes a valid case.

Bachelor Party

We’re crying.

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