Bachelor Nation Reacts to Matt James’ First Dates & Rose Ceremony Drama!

Bachelor Nation reacts to Matt James’ first one-on-ones and a drama-filled rose ceremony in the second episode of the season.

Top contestants are starting to emerge on The Bachelor as Matt James went on two one-on-one dates in Monday’s episode–and so is the drama. Find out how Bachelor Nation reacted to the action-packed episode in some of the best tweets below:

Bachelor Party

We love a good fall aesthetic.

The Betchelor

“Not The Bachelor producers having Matt shirtless chopping wood with an ax in the first 3 minutes of the first one on one,” The Betchelor podcast tweeted.

You know it, baby.

Bachelor Bob

Nothing says romance like random pop-up dates in an abandoned field.

Tammy Ly

“Plot twist: my name is also on this date card,” Tammy Ly tweeted about the group date. “Like damn we inviting the whole state of PA?!”

She makes a valid point.

Nick Viall

Nick Viall out here calling Victoria OUT.

…and calling himself out.

Bachelor Party

This is accurate.

Matt James

We love a little BTS.

Brett S. Vergara

This is the perfect use of an Obama meme.

Chris Harrison

Host Chris Harrison brought the attitude tonight.

“When did @chrisbharrison get so sassy? I love it,” one fan tweeted, to which he replied, “Always get frisky with the fall weather.”

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