Bachelor Nation Couples That Are Still Together!

So many Bachelor Nation couples break up after the show ends, but which couples actually last? Do they even get married? – Yes, and a lot more than what you might think! Here is your guide to all the couples that are still going strong!

The hit Bachelor franchise is best known for the drama, love, and tears shed each season. Whether it is Bachelor in Paradise, The Bachelorette, or The Bachelor, each season is expected to end with a proposal. But how many couples actually make it? We have listed the top 5 Bachelor Nation couples that are still going strong.

Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile

Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile are still one of Bachelor Nation’s favorite couples. The two left Bachelor in Paradise’s latest season engaged. Despite dramatic encounters with Amabile’s former fiancé, Kendall Long, the couple stayed together.

Since their engagement, they have traveled to see each other and spent a lot of quality time together. In December 2021, the couple announced that they are planning on moving in together.

In November 2021, Serena wrote on her Instagram stories “The first step for us is moving in together. Wedding planning will come after that.”


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Becca and Thomas

Despite their breakup in the Bachelor in Paradise finale, Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs are still together. The former bachelorette was not sure that they were ready for an engagement, “I’ve been here twice now before, and I couldn’t leave here and feel ok about leaving with somebody that I don’t 100 percent fully know.”

However, in October 2021 the two rekindled. In the “Talking It Out With Bachelor Nation” podcast, Becca stated “we just had unlimited time to explore what this could be.” Regardless of their ups and downs, the two are a happy couple.


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Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes hit it off during season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise. Even though the couple has been together for a bit over two years, their relationship did not begin problem free.

After spending some time together on the show, Dean broke up with Caelynn on her birthday and left paradise. “Our lifestyles are not going to be compatible coming out of this”, said Unglert. Only to come back on week 5 and ask her to come live in his van.

Miller-Keyes accepted, and the rest was history. Since then, the two have remained strong and recently bought a home together.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham’s relationship was one of the most dramatic in Bachelor Nation history. The former bachelor proposed to Becca Kufrin on the season’s finale, only to break up with her on camera a little after. In the season’s “After the final rose”, he proposed to runner up Lauren Burnham.

Despite the rocky start, the couple is one of the strongest in all of Bachelor Nation. Quickly after the proposal, they had a dreamy wedding in Maui, Hawaii. Later in 2019, they welcomed their first child Alessi Luyendyk. Two years after, the couple had twins Lux and Senna Luyendyk.

Matt James

Former bachelor ,Matt James, picked Rachael Kirkconnell in his season finale. However, the couple faced a lot of controversy after sources associated Kirkconnell of racist behavior. Quickly after the scandal, the couple split in February 2021.

Even though Matt James expressed he did not want a relationship, he was spotted with Kirkconnell in April 2021. More controversy followed the two until they officially got back together the next month. Since then, they have stayed strong and solidified their relationship.


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Let’s face it, Bachelor Nation couples have a hard time being normal couples. After all, their love stories begin in reality TV. Despite this, many couples strengthen their relationships after the show ends.

More successful Bachelor Nation couples include Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin, Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo, Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk and Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti.

Despite the drama, craziness and tears, this reality TV show has been the beginning of many beautiful love stories.

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