Bachelor Contestant Stripped of $1 Million

Jade Roper Tolbert, former contestant on The Bachelor, has been stripped of the $1 million she won from a DraftKings competition following an investigation.

Tolbert had initially won the money from the DraftKings daily fantasy football contest in early January 2020 and celebrated her victory in a Tweet. She beat more than 105,000 entries in the Millionaire Maker contest.

The issue stems from allegations that Tolbert worked with her husband, Tanner Tolbert, who is known for being a high volume daily fantasy player. Apparently, her husband helped her block entries from other contestants, ensuring she’d win.

Jade and Tanner entered 150 lineups a piece, which is the maximum allowed. The scheme was to make each entry unique to the others, a blatant violation of the DraftKings community guidelines, so the company decided to investigate.

Jade and Tanner initially met on the spinoff of “Bachelor in Paradise,” spoke out together and stated their win was pure luck. They further commented by stating, they wished DraftKings had stated ahead of time if they were going to have an issue with a husband and wife working together in the competition. However, since these statements, they have since remained quiet leaving some to speculate.

On January 25th, DraftKings released a statement which read, “DraftKings has decided to update the standings for several contests,” they tweeted. “All customers affected by the updates standings will be notified directly. It is our general policy not to comment further on such matters.”

A follower on Twitter, Oh Hi!, immediately commented and said, “Y’all need to be shut down and thrown in jail.”

“Some transparency would be good instead of the vagueness…,” Bure10 replied.

“Wow this is super clear and obvious,” AWGIB wrote sarcastically. “Next time try sending this tweet in smoke signals.”

DraftKings has not posted any other news on Twitter regarding this situation, but spclk36, who had been in second place, was bumped to the top in order to receive the million-dollar prize.

For now, we’re still waiting on DraftKings to announce any further updates.

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