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Movies That Prove Camera Gear Doesn’t Matter!

How these movies use entry level cameras and demolish the myth that big cameras make big hits! The timeless adage, “It’s not the car you drive but the driver behind the wheel,” finds a compelling parallel in the world of...

Posted: 1 week ago

UMG’s Pullout, Sparks TikTok Revolution!

TikTok creators are going viral by creating videos poking fun of the new platform restrictions around music. Universal Music Group and TikTok encountered a licensing disagreement, leading to UMG withdrawing their entire music catalog from the platform, including hits from...

Posted: 3 weeks ago

The Most Breathtaking Movies Shot on Film in 2023!

Is film making a comeback in Hollywood? Discover why top blockbusters are choosing film over digital! Movies shot on film have long been the cornerstone of Hollywood, capturing an authentic essence that often evokes nostalgia in viewers. Recently, many directors...

Posted: 3 weeks ago

Top Moments From Season 2 of ‘Love on the Spectrum’!

‘Love on the Spectrum’ has given us so many amazing moments from comedic to precious and just down right beautiful. Here are some of our favorite ones from season 2. Netflix recently released the much-anticipated Season 2 of Love on...

Posted: 4 weeks ago