Attack On Titan After S:1 | That Day; Fall Of Shiganshina, Part 2 E:2 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV — Attack on Titan edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Attack On Titan. In this episode host Dave Klein, breaks down the episode in which for over a hundred years, humans have been living in settlements surrounded by gigantic walls, which Hannes apologizes to Eren for not saving his mother and admits he was afraid of the Titan and that both he and Mikasa are still weak children. The people of Shiganshina escape to the inner Wall Maria while the soldiers try to hold off the Titans. Fearing the Titans might advance further, the soldiers order the gate to Wall Maria close despite Hannes’ protest that there are still refugees outside. However, an Armored Titan rams into the gate, allowing the Titans to enter the lands of Wall Maria. As a result of the breach, the government orders all survivors from Wall Maria to evacuate into Wall Rosé. Some time later, Eren has a strange dream in which his grieving father forcefully gives him an injection and his key before being woken up by Mikasa. Eren grows disgusted with the people of Wall Rosé as the latter do not like sharing their food with the refugees. During the next year, as a food shortage becomes apparent, the government orders the refugees to work at the farms or fight to reclaim Wall Maria, which results in hundreds of thousands of deaths including Armin’s grandfather. Eren vows revenge for what the Titans did and resolves to kill them by joining the Army along with Mikasa and Armin. A year later, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and many young recruits begin their training. There to help Dave are co-hosts John Quick and Katie Cullen. It’s Attack On Titan’s “That Day: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 2″ podcast!

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