Ashley Mitchell Talks Episode 4 of ‘The Challenge: Double Agents: “The Whole House Is A Snake Pit”

Two time Challenge Champ Ashley Mitchell weighs in on the latest episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, her thoughts on Big T, and the shocker elimination between Nelson and Fessy. 

The latest episode of The Challenge gave fans the biggest shock yet when Fessy Shafaat went into elimination against his friend Nelson Thomas.

A lot happened that led up to the intense moment. Benny Adams talked with two time challenge champ Ashley Mitchell on Challenge Reality News about everything that went down during episode 4 of The Challenge: Double Agents.

“As we saw tonight, sometimes you can’t even trust you’re f***ing friends on this show.” Explained Mitchell as she gave her overall thoughts on the episode.

Before the showdown between Fessy and Nelson, there was a showdown between Devin and Amber M. It all started after a somber moment when Big T revealed she was adopted at the age of 4.

“Big T is one of my favorite people; she has been since her very first season. I gave her a lucky crystal on season 34 when she went to compete in her first elimination. Then on season 35, she told her story to me about being adopted at a young age. I know what a great person she is, she’s just awesome; she’s one of my best friends in that house.”

That touching moment didn’t last long after Devin turned his attention to Amber M, asking her why she was there and telling her to leave. When asked her thoughts about Amber M as a competitor, Ashley said don’t count the woman out.

“I think Amber is very feisty. Little girls like that kind of remind me of Camilla. People used to think Camilla was a layup, and many times that girl beat people twice her size. I never really think anyone is a layup; people still call me a layup. F**k what people think.” Said Mitchell.

The drama did not stop there. After Devin and Tori won the daily challenge, Josh and Jay got into a heated argument after Josh called Jay’s game messy, as well as telling Jay not to make him his enemy.

“It seems like anytime Josh has a little bit of alcohol in him and gets liquid courage, he gets in a fight with somebody. It’s just the game; it makes us all do crazy things and act out of character. I was pretty surprised by Jay’s outburst; I did not think Jay was going to do that. Explained Mitchell, but added that she’s not mad at all at the fighting going on in the house. “The next season that I come on, everyone will be enemies with each other, and nobody will be coming after me for once. The past few seasons, I can’t catch a break; it’s like, what the hell did I do to you, people? You all weren’t even around when I took the million dollars. So lets everyone calm down and stop picking on me.”

Liv was disqualified from the game due to her injury, which meant it was a guys’ elimination. We see that our challengers will be competing in a Hall Brawl. The house decided to send Nelson and Amber M down, but the big shocker was when Tori and Devin decided to help Fessy and Aneesa out by voting them in. Something that Ashley says was a complete shock to her.

“I hear rumors from other castmates when they get eliminated. The first thing that Nelson did was text me and tell me everything. I literally was mind blown. I was like this doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. I thought you were friends, and Nelson told me he did too. When I found out, I was like, that’s dirty.” explained Mitchell. “I worked in alliances like the Lavender ladies and The Royal Family. I never turned on my friends, and I never would. The only people I turned on were my enemies. I don’t think Nelson is going to forget about this one because he was pretty pissed off.”

The elimination itself was intense to watch, with even T.J. having to call Fessy out for playing dirty. According to Ashley, this isn’t the first time this has happened during a physical elimination.

“Honey, go back and watch almost any physical elimination, and I promise you, everyone’s playing dirty. We have this saying if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. I think I’ve been bit before. I remember when Georgia pulled my helmet up and choked me out, people play dirty. I don’t necessarily agree with it, you just get down there, and you’re fighting for your life. But Fessy is 10 times bigger than Nelson, and he’s supposed to be the football player, and this is supposed to be his friend. If that was my friend, I wouldn’t be throwing elbows at him. I can’t stand up for that; he’s twice his size.” Explained Mitchell.

In the end, Fessy received the W, earning him a gold skull and sending Nelson home. With Nelson and Liv now gone, there are three new teams to watch out for. Fessy decided to leave Aneesa and partner up with Kaycee, leaving Leroy without a partner. Lee decided to partner with Aneesa, while Amber M is now with Mechie. Out of those three new teams, Ashley is rooting for Leroy and Aneesa to take home the win.

“That would be a really dope win; no one can hate on these two winning the season. That will be well deserved after all these years and all their hard work. They’re competitors; they don’t just go in there and slack off; they really get in there and compete. They definitely deserve the win; hopefully, they do; we’ll see.

Ashley was unfortunately eliminated early in the game and revealed before she went with C.T. The Challenge Champ wanted to partner up with Josh due to his Big Brother alliance. She said she learned from her mistakes and is ready to claim her third win if she’s invited back for season 37.

“I definitely would have played the game differently. I didn’t think everyone would turn on me so fast. What happened has my eyes opened, and hopefully, I get invited back for another season because I’m definitely going to be watching and not be so trustworthy. Everyone was saying Johnny Bananas and I are snakes, but now the whole house is a f***ing snake pit.”

Ashley has no hard feelings, though, towards the people who voted her out of the house and has since moved on with her life.

“I’m pretty good at letting things go in the real world; I don’t hold on to it; I have a life. It’s just a game, everyone’s doing their best to win one million dollars, and I can’t be angry at them for that, but my mom probably hates them.”

To check out the full interview with Ashley Mitchell, check out Challenge Reality News with Benny Adams.

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