Are Sabrina and Calvin Officially Together? – S1 E21 ‘Sistas’ Review

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What do you get when you put a group of powerful single ladies together in a room? You get Tyler Perry’s Sistas! If you want all the single life tea, join us each week for THE SISTAS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST! Make sure to subscribe and tune in to stay up to date with all the Sistas  Make sure to tune in and stay up to date with Sistas episodes, news, gossip, and more!

Episode Recap

 Sabrina comes to her senses after one of Calvin parents past away. Dani can’t seem to figure out why Preston won’t call her back and why Zac still has a key to her house. Andi is fighting for her man Gary and has him released from prison. By making crazy man and fellow lawyer Morris drop the charges. Karen just wants to get back to normal life but can’t because Aaron’s ex wife family won’t let her go free and stop putting blame on her. Maurice is fighting for his life while he’s in a coma and we’re hoping for the best. Tune into our Aftershow!
Host: drew jones, Nakia Monet, L Marie , and Howard the 3rd

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