Are Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel Together...Again?

Are Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel deciding to give love another chance for the fourth time?

Kathryn is the queen of knowing how to find the spotlight and she is starting 2020 with a bang, perhaps literally.

We’ve reported before on the nasty custody battle of Bravo’s Southern Charm patriarch Thomas and his ex, Kathryn, but now that custody is settled between the two they have been spending time together over the holidays, co-parenting and apparently getting even cozier.

This week, Kathryn dropped an Instagram post that for the lack of better word, shook me to my core. In the pic, Kathryn is nestled up to Thomas with the caption, “I’m nobody’s Bond Girl,”

I don’t know what that means because Thomas is definitely NOT anyone’s James Bond.

A source to People said, “It started with co-parenting, but it quickly grew into something more. She feels comfortable with him again. There’s that spark, and they’re letting themselves explore it right now.”

No, that’s not a spark Kathryn, it’s just Thomas’ drunk breath. It’s flammable. Walk away girl.

Well, Thomas tried to squash the rumors on Twitter saying, “No. We’re doing somethings together because it makes the kids very happy. And in this matter, our interests are perfectly aligned.”

Now, this could all be a coincidence, because as we’ve reported before, the ratings for last season’s Southern Charm were not great, and perhaps this is just Bravo’s way of getting Thomas back on the show.

This is why I stress eat.

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