Are Jenelle and David Back Together? Plus, Which Teen Mom Star is Expecting?

We are only a few weeks into the new year and we’re already having potential make-ups, break-ups, and pregnancy!

Jenelle and David were recently spotted together in Nashville, with their daughter Ensley, which sparked rumors that the two had reunited. However, a source told TMZ this is not a sign of rekindling but instead a sign of co-parenting. The source says that Jenelle wants to be able to co-parent and remain civil with David.

We can’t help but notice how quickly the tides turned though, as back in November she was supposedly “scared for her life, and her children’s well being and getting a restraining order,” which has since been dismissed at Jenelle’s request.

Jenelle has flip-flopped on relationships in the past so it wouldn’t come as the biggest surprise if we heard that David and Jenelle had gotten back together. What do you think, will they get back together, or has Jenelle finally matured? Let us know in those comments below.

Jenelle’s costar is also making headlines this week but for a very different reason. Reports broke earlier this week that Kailyn is expecting her fourth child. It came after Chris Lopez’s (Kailyn’s on again off again boyfriend, and father to Lux) aunt posted a picture of a sonogram, which has now been deleted, to her Instagram captioned, “Wanna give a big congratulations to @kailynsfamily on the new addition due July 25th l… can’t wait to meet baby number 2 for us – 4 for her.”

The Teen Mom shade room Instagram account re-posted the sonogram photo, as well as a photo of Kail holding her new dog where you can clearly see that the nails in both pictures are the same!

In the comments of the Teen Mom Shade Room post, Chris’ aunt popped into the comments to further stress that this is real! “I’m too old to have babies, it’s her.. it’s real.. I have nothing to lose and nothing to gain. She’s preggers!!”

The drama doesn’t end there though, as news also dropped on Tuesday that Chris has a warrant out for his arrest after he allegedly violated a protective order against Kail! There is no additional information past that as of now, and he has not been arrested yet. According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Chris’ warrant was issued due to “Criminal Contempt Of A Domestic Violence/Harassment/Offensive Touching/ Menacing Breach Of Release,” meaning that he violated the terms of his release by allegedly violating the order.

Kail has yet to make a statement on either the pregnancy or the warrant.

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