Arabian Nights; Reunions 1 & 2 Season 7 Episodes 15-17 ‘Married to Medicine’ Review & Recap

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Ever wonder what life is like in the ritzy lifestyle of being married to a doctor? On the MARRIED TO MEDICINE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST, each week we’re talking all the tea as we discuss each episode of this amazing reality show. From the shade to the wholesome moments, tune in each week! Subscribe to stay up to date.

Episode Recap

The season finale comes to a close but the ladies’ drama continues. Buffie has a crazy mental breakdown in a closet at Toya’s Arabian nights party that results in a full on brawl between Contessa and Mariah. Simone is also contemplating taking a “break” from the group because she just can’t seem to please anybody. Her friendship with Simone is also tested since Simone is urging her to result her tension with Buffie. Mariah bring her sister, Lake around the group rubs Contessa the wrong way.

  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Breanna Chianne (@iamb_chianne) and Kittie Kaboom (@kittiekaboom)

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